Week 25 MLS Power Rankings

Week 25 MLS Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 25, 2007

Week 25 is in the books and we now have four clubs into the playoffs and four spots left with only a few weeks left to go. Not a lot of change in the rankings after this past week either.

1. (1) DC United (49 pts.) – Didn’t win but it didn’t really matter in my eyes. Thing’s probably will get a little easier this week as United host Toronto FC. This should help in their Supporter’s Shield race with Chivas. But blowing three points to the Reds would be killer in my eyes at this point in the season for DC, something you can bet won’t happen though no matter what kind of lineup they throw at Toronto.

2. (2) CD Chivas USA (47 pts.) – Pulled out the late game-winning goal from Ante Razov. I keep saying now that I think he is a solid MVP candidate thanks some to that game and to his season totals (11 goals, 8 assists). Razov may be the reason to why this club either wins the Supporter’s Shield, MLS Cup or both. Home match this weekend with Chicago, I think Chivas will beef up their game this weekend until how they looked against KC.

3. (3) New England Revolution (46 pts.) – Even with a few games left the Revs still have a slim shot at the Supporter’s Shield but really, they better focus on how to beat the Red Bulls in the first round I think. They host a desperate Colorado team this weekend. Should be three points but I have said that before about the Revs against the Rapids, however that time it was in Colorado and not in New England.

4. (4) Houston Dynamo (45 pt.) – No games and nowhere to go really. Big battle with FC Dallas this weekend up in Frisco. Three points should seal the deal in Dynamo fan’s minds about their possible first round match-up with the Hoops. Losing or drawing this game will pretty much end any hopes at a Supporter’s Shield trophy this season though.

5. (5) FC Dallas (40 pt.) – What really could have been a six point week turned out to be a one point week for the Hoops. Still, thankfully for them everyone else below them is just as crappy as they are at the moment. Its that typical end of season slump that the Hoops get themselves in. I figured it would be different with Morrow this season but I guess not. Although a win over Houston will easily ease my mind and probably every other Hoops fan’s minds about this club right now. Not to mention a win puts the Hoops in the playoffs.

6. (7) Chicago Fire (32 pts.) – Still getting points even though there should have been more in both games this week. Still, at this stage points are points. Thankfully those around the Fire aren’t fairing nearly as well. I think there is still room to catch Kansas City for that seventh spot in the playoffs but up first is a big road trip to face Chivas. Gotta dig out at least a point there in my eyes.

7. (8) Red Bull New York (38 pt.) – Probably a decent draw against New England this past weekend. I was really torn between putting the Red Bulls here or the Wizards but I ended up giving the team with the most points from the weekend the nod here and that was New York. They host Real this weekend in a somewhat of a “have-to-get-three-points-or-we-look-stupid” game for New York. Real will give them a battle though.

8. (6) Kansas City Wizards (36 pts.) – Still has the best shot of missing the playoffs in my mind with how they play. Sure they played Chivas pretty tight but anytime you give up a late goal like that in this stage of the season on the road after playing a quality club even like that, you just have to wonder what is going on in that locker room. The leadership resides in the defense and from what I saw was a total collapse in the back in the final minutes. Must-win game against LA this week though. A win should ease the minds of those around the club and even maybe people like myself.

9. (10) Columbus Crew (31 pt.) – Is my pre-season prediction gonna come true after-all? Probably not but at least the Crew are making it interesting here with wins like that against Toronto. They get another crack at three points this weekend when they host a traveling LA Galaxy on Sunday. Two games in four days for the Galaxy could spell three points for the Crew.

10. (9) Colorado Rapids (29 pts.) – Losing to a rival this late like that can kill a club’s momentum, especially is that rival is Real Salt Lake. Awful loss really for the Rapids, who have been total crap as of late. Desperation is possibly going to set in this weekend in New England though. However I just don’t know if this club has it in them this season to be that desperate.

11. (11) Real Salt Lake (23 pt.) – I said it could have been a six point week and I was very close with four points. I will take it though. This club still has no shot at the playoffs but they certainly are making it very interesting for those who are in contention. They can and probably will spoil some hopes this weekend in New York. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Real walk with one or three points right now against New York.

12. (13) LA Galaxy (21 pt.) – Four point week for the Gals as well. Good win over FC Dallas really but now the fun goes back on the road for a few games. Ah, the winning and decent play will probably die off this week as they play both KC and Columbus, two clubs wanting to punch their tickets to the playoffs here soon. I think any points this week would be a big boost for the Galaxy.

13. (12) Toronto FC (21 pt.) – The goal came, just in time for the Reds to continue losing though. Sad but true. They may win another this season but that part I am not really sure of anymore. Might have to wait for a home game in the next couple weeks before we predict anything like that. But as for road games, you can pretty much bet they won’t win any more of those this season.