Monday Morning Free Kicks

Monday Morning Free Kicks

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 24, 2007

Lots to take away from this past weekend in the MLS. Only one team punched their ticket to the post season, in a very nice fashion I must say for Chivas. Other clubs went to draws and bores more than anything else in my mind.

And lastly, its sometimes weird being dead on about a particular game. My preview for the Columbus – Toronto game was just that. I don’t want to gloat too much about it but when you are dead right, you are dead right.

I think this one will be close but I see Toronto going up early but then losing the lead in the second half.

I like the Crew in this one because of that desperation and because of the return of GBS. But, again, I am calling a goal for Toronto. I know it will come eventually, even if it is another 0-0 tie.

WVH Prediction: Columbus 2, Toronto 1

And the final saw Toronto score in the second minute of the game to end their never-ending scoreless streak only to then lose the lead in the second half and lose the game overall by a score of 2-1. But that was pretty much it for me being totally correct this weekend.

Well, I take that back, I did get the RSL-Colorado game 100% correct.

Time to say it again, Colorado’s head coach Fernando Claivjo’s job is on the hottest of hot seats right now. In my mind hotter than LA coach Frank Yallop, who will more than likely go to San Jose next season (even though I have heard some rumbling that Houston’s coach Dominic Kinnear is going to be looking at that job too). Even after the Rapids got back into the playoff contention, they seemingly keep shooting themselves in the foot, week after week. Losing to their rival Salt Lake didn’t help one bit.

As mentioned before, Chivas was the only club to punch their ticket to the post season dance. Very nice fashion too, they looked to be clinching on a draw but then Ante Razov stepped up and sent in the best goal of the weekend in my eyes. I have to say it, but Razov really should end up as the league’s MVP this season. Look at his stats, 11 goals and 8 assist. I think maybe for voters, passing Jamie Moreno on the all-time goal scoring list would do it. But for me those stats are well enough to get the MVP this season. I hadn’t taken notice until this weekend about his stats and now it is clear to me that he definitely deserves a look for it.

Speaking of Jamie Moreno, his club DC United found a way thanks to Moreno himself, to draw the Fire on the road in Chicago. I have to say, as tough as the Fire’s schedule is, they very well could tie every single game in it and make the playoffs. Its a good possibility at this point with the way that the Crew and the Rapids are playing below them. But the full likely-hood of that actually happening is pretty slim.

Also, speaking of DC, word is that they are about to partner up with Boca Juniors and possibly some Chinese club. I like the Boca move but I am actually more curious about the Chinese partnership. I figured it would be years before the MLS started looking to partner up with Asian clubs.

And finally, FC Dallas failed to qualify again for the post season this weekend with a 2-1 loss at LA. Tough break giving up a PK goal to Landon Donovan (who’s seven goals are a decent number considering the lack of quality play out of him this season). Dallas was a man down for most of the game after a double-yellow to Chris Gbandi in the 23rd minute.