A Look at the Schedules

A Look at the Schedules

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 19, 2007

I figure now is as good of a time as ever to throw out every MLS club’s remaining schedule. With most clubs around the five to six games left mark, it makes sense to break down what everyone has left. Some naturally have a little more than others (LA), while some only have a few left (Houston). Still lots of soccer to be played between now and the middle of next month.

Chicago Fire (6 games)
@ FCD (9/20); DCU (9/23); @ CUSA (9/29); NE (10/6); @ DCU (10/13); LA (10/21)

  • Probably the toughest schedule out there for any club, probably a murders row until the final game against LA
  • Honestly I could see them draw every single game until they play the Galaxy which I think they can beat. Everyone else is a tough draw either at home or on the road.
  • Blanco may need some rest at the worst possible time too for the Fire, I would rest him up a little here and there this week and hope for draws and then get him back in full strength next week against Chivas
  • If they make it through to the playoffs with this schedule then I wouldn’t be surprised to see them upset someone in the first round of the playoffs

Chivas USA (6 games)
KC (9/22); CHI (9/29); @ RSL (10/6); @ FCD (10/11); COL (10/14); HOU (10/20)

  • Four home games that are all win-able and two road games that are also very win-able
  • The last two home games could mean a lot in regards to Supporter’s Shield race, both are going to be tough games
  • Still has the best chance, even over DC of winning the Supporter’s Shield this season
  • Only one more two-game week left when they travel to Dallas and then host Colorado…six points there will probably win the west at that point
  • Game with Houston won’t be a preview for the western conference finals…just a prediction!

Colorado Rapids (5 games)
@ RSL (9/22); @ NE (9/29); TFC (10/7); @CUSA (10/14); RSL (10/20)

  • Two tough road games and one rival game on the road
  • Still has a good shot at reaching the playoffs with this schedule
  • Has to beat RSL in my mind both times to reach the playoffs
  • Both home games are win-able, tough that doesn’t mean a whole lot with this bunch
  • Getting any points at New England and Chivas will do wonders for this club

Columbus Crew (5 games)
@ TFC (9/22); LA (9/30); FCD (10/6); @ NE (10/13); @ DC (10/20)

  • Even though the last game ended so poorly, they do get to face a club with a offense that is worse than their own
  • If they can get momentum from the first two games on this schedule then it may be enough to find a way to squeeze out a win and a couple draws in the final games
  • Tough draw having New England and DC to finish the season, but it could be a blessing if those two clubs are already in the position that they will be in for the first round of the playoffs and won’t be able to do anything about moving up or down from there then it could be a nice thing because they may rest some key players, allowing the Crew to take advantage (long shot I know)

DC United (5 games + tournament games)
@ CHI (9/23); TFC (9/29); @ KC (10/5); CHI (10/13); CC (10/20)

  • In the playoffs and probably need at least three more wins to at least win the conference.
  • The two Copa-whatever games could be a big deal breaker for United this point in the season, it only adds more strain and takes away any rest that guys like Emilio and Gomez need at this point in the season
  • Last two games are win-able but I wouldn’t be shocked to see them coast through the final stages here
  • Fairly win-able road games left too, I wouldn’t be surprised if they draw both though

FC Dallas (6 games + US Open Cup final on 10/3)
CHI (9/20); @ LA (9/23); HOU (9/30); @ CC (10/6); CUSA (10/11); KC (10/20)

  • Lots of home games left like Chivas, big one is actually against New England in the Open Cup final
  • I think winning the Open Cup final will do a lot in regards to this club’s overall confidence for the rest of the season and post season
  • Two road games in LA against both Chivas and the Galaxy, need at least four points in those two games to even have hope of getting a home-field advantage in the first round of the playoffs
  • Needs quality results against Houston and Chivas at home
  • Has to win against Chicago this week to save face after last weekends result

Houston Dynamo (4 games)
@ FCD (9/30); LA (10/7); @ RSL (10/15); @ CUSA (10/20)

  • Least amount of games left and could easily see their home-field advantage disappear in the process
  • Three tough road games in my mind since the fact that they are already in the playoffs, could decide to coast from here, which is something they have been sort of doing for the past month anyways
  • Has to at least beat LA and RSL to hope to have some sort of positive momentum going into the playoffs
  • A good result at Chivas to finish the season will go a long way in their title defense though

Kansas City Wizards (5 games)
@ CUSA (9/22); LA (9/27); DC (10/5); @ RBNY (10/13); @ FCD (10/20)

  • Two sort of win-able home games, but three very tough road games
  • Still believe they could stumble out of the playoff picture
  • A positive result at Chivas will help get them into the playoffs though in my mind, especially if they go there and beat the Goats
  • People believe their win last weekend will be enough to get them in but I still need to see more before I believe that they will actually reach the playoffs this season

Los Angeles (8 games + some stupid exhibitions)
@ RSL (9/19); FCD (9/23); @ KC (9/27); @ CC (9/30); @ HOU (10/7); TFC (10/13); RBNY (10/18); @ CHI (10/21)

  • Five more road games in the season, plus two exhibitions on the road next month…stupidest schedule of any club in league history
  • NO shot at the playoffs, no matter what anyone tells them
  • Sadly enough they won’t get the number one pick in next year’s draft…San Jose will!

New England Revolution (5 games + US Open Cup final of 10/3)
@ RBNY (9/22); COL (9/29); @ CHI (10/6); CC (10/13); @ TFC (10/22)

  • Five very win-able games left for the Revs. Could very well make things interesting with DC in the east
  • Needs to win the US Open Cup in my mind to get this mental block of winning a title out of their minds
    • Though don’t expect the same type of game against Dallas as we saw this past weekend
  • Has to become consistent over this stretch before the playoffs though, something that hasn’t quite been there for the Revs this season in my mind
  • Can’t drop any games at home here…same goes for the road game at Toronto

Red Bull New York (5 games)
NE (9/22); RSL (9/29); @ TFC (10/4); KC (10/13); @ LA (10/18)

  • Probably the easiest schedule left of any club, three games in there that could really pad their points in the standings with games against RSL, TFC and LA
  • Nice home schedule too, which could also help, I think they will knock KC out of contention in that final home game
  • But they can’t drop the final two home games in my mind, dropping to New England only hurts their first round chances with the Revs really…but dropping games to RSL and KC at home will really hurt their chances at a run in the playoffs
  • Cannot afford to drop points on the road too…as easy as the schedule is they have to step up and perform

Real Salt Lake (6 games)
LA (9/19); COL (9/22); @ RBNY (9/29); CUSA (10/6); HOU (10/15); @ COL (10/20)

  • The one club that will play spoiler this season is RSL, not enough to make it but enough to piss a few clubs off
  • Three win-able games on their schedule really, but again could spoil some points for some clubs that will have already clinched a playoff spot like New York, Houston and Chivas
  • Big week this week, I really do see six points for them this week…long shot maybe but a very good possibility

Toronto FC (6 games)
CC (9/22); @ DCU (9/29); RBNY (10/4); @ COL (10/7); @ LA (10/13); NE (10/20)

  • This is the streak that never ends…its goes on and on my friends…okay I won’t go on with the song but you get the point, I will only watch now because of this streak
  • Much like RSL, could play spoiler at this point in the season, but nothing to hang their heads about though, its been a decent expansion season for the Reds
  • They will score again before the season is out though, maybe in LA or against New York…I don’t know when but it will come

Feel free to post your comments about your club’s remaining games. Still lots of soccer left but plenty to talk about I think.