St. Louis Inches Closer To An Expansion Club

St. Louis Inches Closer To An Expansion Club

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 11, 2007

I won’t go into a lot of details but I will say that a 4-1 passing of the proposed soccer stadium in St. Louis could mean that we will hear that the city of St. Louis (and the suburb of Collinsville, Illinois) will be announced as a new MLS club in the near future.

The proposed plan would cost somewhere in the $580 million range and would include a 18,500 seat stadium, a 1,600 home community, a new hotel along with a couple restaurants, office space and several soccer fields.

The new club name is still out in the open as much as the bid for the club itself. More than likely it will be something like St. Louis United. Their website is called St. Louis Soccer United, so I will be eager to see if they drop the soccer in-front of United. Still, if there is no deal for the club then this entire project will be scrapped.

I for one am extremely excited to see this go through and hopeful that the city of St. Louis gets a club. The MLS needs a club in St. Louis I think, so lets all hope this goes through.
Your thoughts on St. Louis as the next city “in” the MLS?