MLS Week 23 Power Rankings

MLS Week 23 Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 11, 2007

Another week down in the MLS, only so many more to go. A couple teams stay around at the same spots that they’ve been at for weeks now, a couple teams do get on the move.

1. (1) DC United (46 pts.) – No need to even move this club. A (decent) draw against the best home club in Chivas and a good win at home against one of the better clubs in the league (New England) was a great week overall for the Black-and-Red. Luciano Emilio is a beast out there right now, 20 goals should be in for the Brazilian, if not 24 or 25 with the way he is going.

2. (4) CD Chivas USA (40 pts.) – A nice week for the Goats as well, I really feel this is the best club in the west right now. Preki really has this club playing at the top of their games and I still believe that the tandem of Maykel Galindo and Ante Razov is the best the league has to offer. Two more games this week, both are big, and the biggest may be Thursday night with their derby mates the Galaxy. Could this be the first season they win the derby series? I think so.

3. (3) Houston Dynamo (42 pt.) – Fun game with RSL but the fun wasn’t in the second half of the game when they allowed RSL to get back into the game. One thing that bothers me about this club is their motivation at this point in the season. However, getting out of their offensive slump was much needed at this point. Only five more games left for the Orange, both Dallas and Chivas have games in hand, will they be able to hold on to the top of the west? I don’t think so, but they should be able to get one of the two automatic seeds out of the west.

4. (2) New England Revolution (42 pts.) – The Revs were very much in the game with United but the defense killed them late. They were rested but never seemed to find their own in the game. They have to come alive this weekend when Dallas comes into town. Big time match up, lucky for the Revs no one in the east below them will be able to catch up with them and DC at this point.

5. (5) FC Dallas (39 pt.) – After Dallas there is a major drop in the clubs, but I think that is pretty obvious. As for the Hoops, it was an ugly win over Toronto but it was a necessary win. The three points were much needed to stay alive in the west. Chivas will catch up in games this week so the game in New England means even more than it did before this weekend. Dallas needs Carlos Ruiz and Denilson to get on the same page real fast to pile up some goals going into the post season.

6. (7) Chicago Fire (29 pts.) – Like I said it is a drop from this point. Even though Chicago got into the playoff picture this weekend, they still aren’t even close to the level above them. Same goes for the other playoff clubs like Kansas City and New York. I really struggled with this ranking. Some will have New York, others will go with KC, and people like me will do the right thing and put the Fire here. Say what you will about the Fire but their mid summer pickups have paid off in a big way.

7. (8) Kansas City Wizards (33 pts.) – Couldn’t do a whole lot with the Wizards this week. But things are on the up side in the coming weeks as they have three out of the next four at home. Whether or not they actually play well in that span will determine a lot. I still believe this is the one club in the playoff picture right now that won’t be there in a few weeks. They just don’t look as hungry as some other clubs out there that want to be in the playoffs.

8. (6) Red Bull New York (36 pt.) – Bad play against Chivas on the road. Good defenses are showing that you can contain Juan Pablo Angel and that he can only take this club so far. New York, like Kansas City could have problems in the coming weeks staying in the playoff picture with the way that they are playing.

9. (9) Columbus Crew (28 pt.) – No win, no move, no playoff spot right now. Starting to really think that this club just doesn’t have the gas in the tank to actually reach the playoffs. A couple good games could help out though, however, they need a healthy Schelotto to do so.

10. (10) Colorado Rapids (28 pts.) – The loss to LA was pretty much the reason why I never moved this club up when they were actually winning. Still some midfield issues with this club and the offensive totally went asleep in the game with the Galaxy.

11. (11) Real Salt Lake (18 pt.) – Tough loss at Houston over the weekend but showed plenty of heart in the process. Nate Jaqua looked like the Jaqua of old against the sloppy RSL defense. But things in the midfield are getting better. This club will definitely spoil someone’s playoff chances in the final games this season.13.

12. (13) LA Galaxy (17 pt.) – What will be bigger at the end of the season for the Galaxy, the number of wins or the number of players on the injury list. I may still go with the ladder of the two but the win was gutsy and enough to make me (and probably some others) move them up. They are lucky that the club below them really sucks at this point because it is really close between the play of the season of these two clubs. Still, a win is a win in the hearts and minds of the Galaxy.

13. (12) Toronto FC (20 pt.) – This is an expansion club folks. As decent (and sometimes good) as this club was in the summer months this season, they are just bad now and look like a true expansion club at this point. How many minutes and games has it been since they last scored? Months seem to have gone by too. The next goal will come but probably not another win will.