Mid-Week MLS Preview

Mid-Week MLS Preview

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 29, 2007

Brief preview here again this week folks. I just began a new job that doesn’t allow me enough time to fully write like I want to. Give me a little time and I will figure out how to work around that, until then short previews and write ups are all I can do. Some is better than none in my book.

Anyways, on to a preview here. No prime-time game but the league does offer us a mid-week clash.

Kansas City Wizards at Real Salt Lake: Perfect game for KC to get back into things I think. RSL is almost more than dreadful at this point in the season and may really be one of the league’s worst in history when it is all said and done. KC is an above-average club at this point, maybe even less than that. I may be giving them too much credit here. Most people know I haven’t been too high on them all season and I still am not completely sold on their playoff chances at this point.

But, this is a good game at the right time for the Wizards to pick up points. But beware, RSL has been a slightly tricky place for some visiting clubs this season. KC edged out a win against RSL back in July, and if my memory is correct, it wasn’t a great game on the Wizard’s part either. RSL can get points in this one if things go their way but that is a big ‘if’ in my mind.

KC needs Eddie Johnson to return to his goal scoring form that he had earlier in the season. Lately, he has been a mere ghost out on the pitch. I am also eager to see how these new Argentine players work out for RSL. So far, not much, but over time we should get a better picture of the players.

In the end, I think KC should get three points again in this one. Maybe close and maybe not.

WVH Prediction: KC 2, RSL 1