Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 27, 2007

It may be fair to say that this could very well be the best season that the MLS has had to offer so far in its short history. All games seem to have more meaning than before and all are producing some pretty entertaining soccer. I love it to be perfectly honest with you. It is nice knowing that every game is of value and that there isn’t really one clear favorite at this point in the season like it has been in recent years.

New York 1 – 2 New England

Let’s just say it, that was a horrible way to lose a game. A very bad own goal on New York and really, I wouldn’t put all the blame on Carlos Mendes for it. Jon Conway should and probably will take the bulk of the blame in the minds of the Red Bull nation.

New England played fairly well though I will say that after going down a goal. And this time of year screams even more loudly as to why New England needs their own stadium for soccer. The football lines and endzones are horrible to see on the field. Taylor Twellman was able to get the Revs back into the game and for a while it looked like it was going to be nothing more than a draw.

I am beginning to wonder with how things are going in New York. Up and down more so than a roller coaster. I also kind of question whether or not Bruce Arena is getting closer to being placed on the hot seat rumors. I think it is fair to say he is up getting up there with the Yallops of the league. Some may disagree though but if there is no success in the playoffs I wouldn’t be at all shocked with a coaching change next season. I know…I know that is a long ways a away but it is worth thinking about.

New England gets some time off now, no game until September 9 in DC. Time for others in the east to catch up in the games on the schedule. It will be interesting to see how the results hold up with DC ever so close behind. We will know by the time these two meet if DC is in first or in second.

New York gets the Fire next weekend at home. Two teams in need of three points. Blanco in the big apple, should be a decent draw.

DC 1 – 0 Toronto

Poor TFC, no goals again. But let’s just say it, it could have easily been a draw if it hadn’t been for the early goal by Fred. Toronto was very much in this game since DC had a few key players missing. Now the question remains, will Toronto score again this season? Yes, they will…its just a matter of time.

I also have to throw out that I hate listening to FSC and their broadcasts anymore. Max Bretos and whoever else they have calling games are just plain annoying. The weird yelling when goals are scored and the random talk during the game that gets old just needs to go. Anyone else hate some of FSC’s broadcasters?

DC has some important games coming up though. Road trips to Dallas and Chivas USA should let us know if they have what it takes to beat a good western club. Dallas will be well rested and Chivas is always tough at home.

Toronto gets sometime off until they travel to Dallas on the 8th of September. Maybe a goal is in store in the Big D, but maybe not with a team like Dallas at home.

Kansas City 0 – 2 Chicago

Didn’t see any of this but Chicago gets the win and the series this season with the Wizards thanks to two home wins. Blanco continues to prove his worth. Chicago is now just a point out of the playoff picture behind Colorado and Columbus. Kansas City is holding on now I think.

KC has two games this week, both on the road. First a mid-week game at RSL, which should be three points and then a weekend clash in Houston, probably no points. Three points out of this week would be alright but anything less is a huge disappointment in my eyes. After splitting this week with the Fire the Wizards are on a bad pace I think. Eight games to go and two this week, the Wizards have to get points while they still can.

Chicago is still sitting in a spot that can get them into the post season. But they have to continue picking up points. Not winning both games this week hurt a bit but not losing both wasn’t too bad either. A trip to New York this week is huge since the Red Bulls are in and are alright at the moment. Still a game in hand against Columbus and Colorado, so points are huge at this point.

Columbus 1 – 1 Houston

As for someone who wants to half-way root for the Crew this is a big blow. They get the lead on the road in one of the toughest places to play in the league and they just can’t hold on to it. Man. But still getting a point was big on their part because it will keep them in the playoff hunt for now.

Houston played their way back into the game even though they had plenty of chances to get a tying goal and even the lead. Now sitting two points ahead of Dallas and Chivas, things are getting tight in the west up top like they are in the east, but games in hand are not in the Dynamo favor at this point. Two more than Dallas and three more than Chivas, not to mention the fact that they play again next weekend against KC. We won’t know how their results will hold once Chivas and Dallas catch up in the schedule. Those losses to Colorado and RSL could be big in a couple weeks.

LA 0 – 3 Colorado

Wow, the Galaxy suck. I’m sorry if you’re a Galaxy fan out there reading this but I will already say what you probably already know, your team sucks this year. And guess what, they’ve caught up to a team in the schedule (RSL) so they have no one to blame but themselves now for their results.

I must have missed something, but where was Landon Donovan this weekend? Not that I truly care but it was something I was curious about when I caught some of this game.

You have to give it to Colorado right now though. A real turn around this month for Fernando Clavijo’s bunch, who probably have completely saved his job. After losing to Dallas to start the month, the Rapids have gone 3-0-0 and have out scored opponents 7-0. Amazing for a club that could score to save their life from May to July.

The win puts the Rapids right in the playoff mix but they are on the outside looking in right now. Big showdown with Columbus next weekend.

RSL 0 – 1 Chivas USA

Chivas continues their reign at home this season with a 1-0 win over RSL. Chivas is quietly becoming a real contender here this season and could very well sneak up and win the Supporter’s Shield this season.

The win moves the Goats into second with Dallas but with a game on hand it bumps Dallas out of the automatic bid spot in the west for the time being.

Also, I have to say that Ante Razov is quietly having a good season here this year. Six goals and six assist may prove to be an MVP candidate for Chivas this year.

RSL has two games coming up this week with KC and LA. One has to think that some points are in there for them. Chivas has a little time off until a Thursday showdown with DC the following week.

  • Laurie

    Thank you for enlightening us about the Galaxy's current episode of sucking. We fanshad no idea. Truly, it's been such an enjoyable season that I'm hoping for many more just like it. <br />
    <br />
    And Landon picked up a calf injury on international duty last month. <br />
    He played for less than half an hour against Chivas and (along with half of our hobbled team) didn't even make the trip to Colorado. He's now listed as quesionable for the SuperLiga final.

  • Laurie

    Thank you for enlightening us about the Galaxy’s current episode of sucking. We fanshad no idea. Truly, it’s been such an enjoyable season that I’m hoping for many more just like it.

    And Landon picked up a calf injury on international duty last month.
    He played for less than half an hour against Chivas and (along with half of our hobbled team) didn’t even make the trip to Colorado. He’s now listed as quesionable for the SuperLiga final.