Sesay Lottery Update

Sesay Lottery Update

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 23, 2007

Finally got the numbers of the Israel Sesay lottery tomorrow afternoon. Sesay, a 16-year-old forward from Sierra Leone has spent the past six-plus years in the DC area and in the U.S. U-17 residency program, will be allocated through the ever-popular weighted lottery.

A word of warning to the victor: Sesay is not going to jump into a club’s starting lineup. He really may not even play at all in a match this season. But, he will be a good long-term prospect for the future.

As for the special formula that improves the chances of the league’s weaker teams over the past year of winning the lottery, here are the percentages:

RSL 22.5% chance of winning
L.A. 18.8
Colorado 15.4
Chicago 12.4
Kansas City 9.7
New York 7.4
Chivas 5.4
D.C. 3.7
Dallas 2.3
Houston 1.3
New England 0.7
(Columbus, which won the Robbie Rogers lottery in the spring, and expansion Toronto will not participate)

The top four clubs obviously have the better chance at winning but a decent amount of these lotteries haven’t exactly yielded any too many great players. Time will tell about Sesay, but at least it is something worth talking about because you never know exactly how well this kid will pan out. Hopefully he gets allocated to the right system for him to mature as a young player.