Hislop To Retire

Hislop To Retire

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 22, 2007

One of FC Dallas’s worst personnel moves in club history is about to be over as keeper Shaka Hislop is set to retire. Hislop has officially been listed as out with back spasms and has not trained in about a month. According to sites like 3rddgree.net, Hislop has been taking a weak effort in his rehab.

More than likely Ray Burse will step into the senior roll once filled by Hislop. A well deserved move for probably the club’s future (and possibly current) keeper. Also the open cap room is a great thing for Dallas who will be in prime position to take in a good DP player in the off season or to increase some player’s contracts like Burse, who will more than likely get a well deserved senior contract.

The open cap space is really a good talk in this for Dallas. With the recent deal of sending Ramon Nunez to Chivas, Dallas may very well have an extra $300,000 or so (based on Nunez’s and Hislop’s contracts). Now I don’t know exactly how much space will be made from these two deals but the possibility of somewhere in the $300,000 range is a great deal of money for a team; added with the ever so popular rumor that the league will increase the cap in the off season.

I for one am real excited about this for Dallas. I never once liked the Hislop signing. Sure he was a good keeper in his time but once he came over here after the World Cup last season he was well past his prime and was a big chunk of the cap for Dallas. It was a poor move on former coach Colin Clarke and the front office of Dallas. Somehow they have made things work out, even though they over paid by thousands for what they got.