MLS Power Rankings – Week 20

MLS Power Rankings – Week 20

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 21, 2007

Another week down in the league. It still seems like there is three levels of clubs here, the 1-4, 5-8, and the 9-13 are all interchangeable but none seem to go out of that group anymore. That pretty much is the case again this week.

1. (1) New England Revolution (39 pts.) – A win and a loss actually put the Revs here. The lopsided loss almost put them down a spot but winning one out of two on the road in the Thursday – Sunday swing is never easy, so I will give the east leaders the benefit of the doubt here. Overall I am not ready to rank DC or even Houston over the Revs just yet, as a whole for the season. That all could change because as we all know the team that I rank at the top never seems to stay there all that long. Big home game this weekend with the Red Bulls. A win will really help them push away from the pack in the jumbled east, a loss will only make things more confusing than they already are.

2. (3) Houston Dynamo (37 pt.) – Nice home win over Dallas this past weekend. Finally rebounded after a couple stinker losses and a disappointment in SuperLiga. Rival games can do that for you as I have said before. Another home game this weekend with Columbus should be three points in the standings for the Dynamo. They must be careful though with the Crew, who are a dangerous team that are holding on for dear life with the final playoff spot right now. Desperate teams will do anything against clubs like Houston who are comfortable at where they are in the present. Though I am sure comfortable is a term that the Dynamo would hate to hear as a label about their club right now too.

3. (4) DC United (33 pts.) – Taking care of business on the road, a nice win really because it give DC a real good shot at winning anywhere they play I think. A couple games in hand too at the moment that they will cash in this week with a mid-week game against New York and then a road game on Saturday in Toronto. I think it is fair to say that there is six points right there for the United. Really at this point in the season, anything less would be a disappointment.

4. (1) FC Dallas (36 pt.) – I really had trouble with where to put Dallas in this week’s rankings. The four spot is really all I could come up with since everyone around them was winning (and Houston beat them so they had to be higher again). Tough blow really because it was a game that the Hoops should have at least gotten a draw out of. If that had been the case you wouldn’t have seen a lot of change in the top four here from last week. But, that isn’t the case, Dallas losses and now has some time off to heal some wounds. I honestly doubt that anyone on the Hoops roster will complain about the lack of games this weekend.

5. (5) Red Bull New York (33 pt.) – Fairly spirited affair with the Galaxy. Lucky for the Red Bulls Joe Cannon forgot to show up with the rest of the Galaxy defense. Still, great crowd for a club that gets crappy numbers in the attendance column. Two games this weekend for the Red Bulls, both big time road tests in DC and New England. Getting six points may be a stretch but you best believe they may break that top four tier if they do.

6. (7) CD Chivas USA (30 pts.) – Sometimes not seeing a club for a couple weeks will really do wonders for how you perceive them when you actually do see them. The so-called summer break for the Goats really did a number for me because I forgot that this club is actually pretty good and they showed why in Toronto with the win over the Reds. Big time show-down with LA this week in prime-time on Thursday night. A win over their stadium rivals will do wonders for their moral and really their playoff chances in my mind. After that is a Sunday evening clash with lowly Real Salt Lake. Six points would be great for the Goats this week, and it is something they should be able to crack.

7. (8) Chicago Fire (23 pts.) – A team actually moving from one tier to the next. Chicago is a team to be reckon with right now. Blanco has given them the charge that they were hoping for. I don’t like the man but I have to admit I like what he is doing for that club at the moment. They actually look like they could be a playoff team again with how they are playing. Beating some quality clubs will do a lot more though in my mind in terms of actually making and doing well in the playoffs too. Two games with the Wizards this week will tell us a decent portion about them I think.

8. (6) Kansas City Wizards (29 pts.) – A club that is becoming more and more like a club that won’t reach the playoffs. It seems like this happens every year with the Wizards. They play decent enough for the first two-thirds of the season and then fade into the distance when real important games come around. I think that is what is happening again here with the Wizards. They look like a club that won’t be a playoff team when the playoffs roll around.

9. (8) Columbus Crew (26 pt.) – Here is a club that is holding on to the final playoff spot with dear life right now. They haven’t been playing well lately and now are losing points while clubs like Chicago are gaining points. Big road trip this weekend in Houston. Gaining even a single point will do wonders I think for the Crew at this point.

10. (11) Colorado Rapids (24 pts.) – Another crazy win has helped Fernando Clavijo save his job. Actually it may save his job until the end of next season too. Still, wins are wins at this point and you better believe that the Rapids are slowly thinking that they are playoff contenders again. Their horrible slump is over and put behind them in their minds and now they are getting back to soccer again. They host LA this weekend and that very well could be another win, which would be three straight, a season high. Wow.

11. (10) Toronto FC (20 pt.) – Playoffs may now be nothing more than a dream for the Reds. Wins and goals just aren’t coming at the present and they look flustered like they did to start the season. As usual, I will say getting people healthy will change the complexion of this club. They host DC this weekend, a game that they should have won earlier in the season when the United came into town. Better believe they will know that and want to get the three points this time around.

12. (12) LA Galaxy (14 pt.) – Another game, and another loss. But at least that SuperLiga title is almost in reach right? Really, I don’t know what to say until the Galaxy actually win a game here. Beckham is doing his part, I will say that, his class is showing on the field but they need him at 100%, not 65 or 70. Most importantly they need a mentally strong Landon Donovan right now, I honestly question his play right now because when he is on his game the Galaxy do well, right now I don’t think he is on his game.

13. (13) Real Salt Lake (12 pt.) – I would say they are scouting for that top pick in the draft by now but, there is another expansion club coming into the league so they get the second best player. Damn. Tough game at Chivas this weekend too. Don’t see another win for a while actually.

  • Josh Rollins

    I think people in Columbus have given up on The Crew, sadly. With college football and the NHL right around the corner… things aren't going to be so easy for them.

  • Josh Rollins

    I think people in Columbus have given up on The Crew, sadly. With college football and the NHL right around the corner… things aren’t going to be so easy for them.