Nunez to Chivas

Nunez to Chivas

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 15, 2007

A few weeks ago Ramon Nunez was benched after starting 10 out of the first 11 games of the season. Since then he has come out and openly asked FC Dallas to trade him.

Today, it looks like his wish may come true as FC Dallas is close to having a deal to send Nunez to LA to join Chivas USA, in return will be some draft picks.

“It’s still not official, I’m hoping it happens [today],” he said. “I’m very happy about it”.

“I had no problems with the coach or my teammates”, Nuņez said. “As a player, you just know when it’s time to move on”.

This wasn’t the first time that Nunez had asked to be trade. Back in 2004, in his rookie season, Nunez asked to be traded after lack of playing time. Last season ended with Nunez walking off the field after a season ending loss to Colorado for the same reason.

I don’t think this is a deal that Dallas is going into to try and land another player via the transfer market. That window is rapidly closing and I think Dallas is merely looking to cut ties and move on. No sense in having a player around that isn’t giving much and is complaining about playing time every second of the day.

It is a good move for Dallas to move on and get something in return in the future. Chivas gets a midfielder that will be hungry to play and that will be able to help out in the stretch run. Sure I would love to see Dallas get a solid player in return for equal value but at this point I don’t know if Dallas will be able to do that. Though if Chivas is to send anyone over for equal value you could speculate that it would possibly be a defender of Dallas’s picking. If that were the case I would love to see a Jonathan Bornstein to come over (Nunez’s contract is $100,000 …Bornstein $57,700).

But more than likely its a Nunez for a draft pick kind of deal.