MLS Power Rankings

MLS Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 14, 2007

Some good action over the past weekend. Not a whole lot of change though in the rankings as this is a ranking system over the course of the season.

1. (2) FC Dallas (36 pt.) – I wonder if this will stay but the Hoops are one of the best clubs in the league now. A top of the table with New England and a top of these rankings with New England. Dax McCarty comes in huge while Juan Toja nurses an injury. The win over Columbus was a big time win I think for this time of the season, it gives this club loads of confidence. Dallas has a huge game this weekend in Houston, a win there easily makes this the best club in the league, a loss will still keep them in the playoff picture though.

1. (3) New England Revolution (36 pts.) – This is a 1a and 1b type of deal this week. I couldn’t decide which club should be at the top and in all reality they both deserve it right now. New England had their way with LA over the weekend. Big road trip to Colorado in the midweek before facing Kansas City on Sunday. Get six points on the road this week and you can bet this will be the top club in the league no matter what Dallas does this week.

3. (1) Houston Dynamo (34 pt.) – Had to drop them here really. Losing to RSL is one thing but to go and lose again the next week to Colorado isn’t good at all. I wonder if the focus is really there right now. SuperLiga semifinal is this week as well before the showdown with Dallas. Two wins this week should do a lot to help out the Dynamo. I wonder if the SuperLiga game is really of value right now with how the club is playing. I think the Dallas game is more important to the season at this point after these two losses.

4. (4) DC United (30 pts.) – DC handled LA on Thursday and looked good doing so. LA never got the offense that they needed and DC looked real strong in the back. Marc Burch may be a name that some people around the league need to get used to. Striker turned defender is a very interesting player. Trip to Columbus this week is on tap. DC needs the three points to continue up the charts.

5. (6) Red Bull New York (30 pt.) – It seems like there is a drop from here down after the top four in my mind. New York handled Toronto easily but there really isn’t much to be excited over after it. The Red Bulls get another fairly simple game this week with LA’s summer circus in town. Should be three points but anything less will be a disappointment.

6. (5) Kansas City Wizards (29 pts.) – No game again this past week and this club is slowly became a distant afterthought. But a win at home against New England will easily help garner some thoughts from this writer and probably from plenty of others around the league.

7. (8) CD Chivas USA (27 pts.) – Chivas is living prof that the MLS does indeed have a summer break. Apparently they have been adding some new pieces to the puzzle in the time off. I wonder exactly what it will do. A trip to Toronto this weekend, and it is a must win to stay in the playoff hunt.

8. (7) Columbus Crew (26 pt.) – Tough loss against Dallas, I really hope this doesn’t totally kill their confidence going into the find third of the season. Guillermo Barros Schelotto can only carry this club so far, others need to step up. A win against DC will do wonders I think at this point.

9. (10) Chicago Fire (20 pts.) – Trip to RSL this weekend should be three points. The Fire are ever so gently inching back into the playoff picture. I wonder if others around the league have noticed?

10. (9) Toronto FC (20 pt.) – Two-thirds of the way through their first season and only 20 points. The playoff picture is fading ever so quickly away. I wonder if a win over Chivas will help this club out at this point. I think getting some players back from the DL should help!

11. (12) Colorado Rapids (21 pts.) – A win over Houston may have saved Fernando Clavijo’s job for the season. A win over New England this week could possibly give him another season in Denver.

12. (11) LA Galaxy (14 pt.) – Things are near disaster with this club I think. Finally playing some games and they are getting nothing out of it. Two games this week, one in SuperLiga and the other against New York in the Big Apple. Beckham won’t play against DC in the SuperLiga game but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets sometime against the Red Bulls.

13. (13) Real Salt Lake (12 pt.) – No game over the weekend and it still did nothing to help this club in any standings or rankings. Plus, I thought they were going to sign a player or two? What is going on there? Chicago comes to town, a win would be nice but I am not holding my breath.