MLS Prime-Time Preview

MLS Prime-Time Preview

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 9, 2007

On paper tonight’s MLS prime-time game with the LA Galaxy and DC United seems like a big time affair. Questions surround the status of David Beckham and the United are posed to have a sell-out crowd regardless of whether or not the golden ankle plays.

Beckham or no Beckham the Galaxy really have no chance of winning this game in my mind. Sure there will probably be six or seven thousand people that are just there in Beckham jerseys in hopes to get a look at the man. But I can assure the rest of the Screaming Eagles and the other supporter groups (which are of the best in the league I may add) will be rowdy as ever for this game. Even though I know the United need their own soccer stadium, you can’t help but to love RFK for the United.

LA has to have a big time game out of Landon Donovan, something I can expect the United to want to counter. If Toronto can hold LandyCakes to next to nothing, you can bet your house on the United doing just the same, if not a little better. Also, guys like Carlos Pavon have to come up big for LA to ease the pressure on Donovan. Pavon, so far, hasn’t shown any promise of doing just that.

DC is playing a little better these days after their 3-0 win up in New England last weekend. I can expect more of the same style of play out of the United against the Galaxy. Emilio will look to add to his league tying goal count and will more than likely move past Eddie Johnson for that total.

Again, Beckham or no Beckham, the United should win this game fairly easy.

WVH Prediction: United 2, Galaxy 0