Fairly Crazy Weekend In MLS

Fairly Crazy Weekend In MLS

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 6, 2007

You have to love the MLS because of weekends like this past one. You think you know everything and then a weekend like this comes up and nips you in the butt without any warning. Good teams fall to bad teams, hot teams cool off and in some ways just mass confusion.

Houston 0 – 1 RSL
I will start with the result that may have shocked most more than any, RSL’s 1-0 win over Houston. As I said in my preview for this game, I felt RSL is a trap game anymore for these better clubs and again it worked (even though I said Houston would over come it and win). Houston lost thanks to a late Robbie Finley goal against a RSL club that got its second win of the season. Ouch, second win of the season in August…look on the bright side RSL fans, next season there will be a new expansion club in the league in your own conference that should be as bad or worse than you!

It really isn’t much surprise in my mind that Houston lost. Too many games in too many days will eventually hurt you and Houston is seeing just that right now. Plus, I think a loss is good for them at this point in the season. Sure, being hot this long is nice and good to see if you are a Dynamo fan, but you’d much rather see a loss like this one before the big time games come around later on this season. I think it will do some good and motivate this club again.

Now if you are RSL, you got your second win of the season but things still need to change as we all know. No real word on a DP signing at this point and it looks like time is running out on that as well with the transfer window closing in a matter of nine days. I wonder, do you somewhat pack it in as far as a big signing if you are RSL and wait until the winter window opens up and you can really use that Freddy Adu money to your advantage or push hard now? I think at this point they should wait, maybe get a decent discovery player from South America in the meantime and hope for the best as far as the rest of the season goes.

Columbus 0 – 0 Chicago

Didn’t see highlights or anything of this game so this will be relatively short. I will say things are looking decent for both clubs these days. Columbus looks like they should be a playoff team, and as long as they keep this pace up they will be. They also may not be the last team in the playoffs as well (like I predicted at the start of the season), they could very well sneak up in that 7 spot before long I think.

As for the Fire, they still have ground to make up. Six points back is no easy task at this point in the stage but things are looking up with recent debuts and additions to the offense. Even though this was a nil-nil draw I still worry about that defense of the Fire. I think in the end they will just fall short of the playoffs thanks to the shortfalls on defense.

By the way, nice crowd on hand in Chicago. Hate Blanco or love him, you have to admit he is a good draw for the Windy City. Smart move on the Fire’s part there, 20k+ on hand yesterday for a match with the Crew. Very nice.

Colorado 0 – 1 Dallas

Nice rebound from the 6-5 loss in  SuperLiga for the Hoops on Saturday. Drew Moor heads in a nice free kick to give the Hoops three points and keep on pace in the western conference. Weird to think that their results are really starting to stand in compared to other clubs around the league. Remember how the Hoops had played a lot more games at some point than other clubs and people thought they were just middle of the pack? Well now they aren’t, same amount of games as the eastern leading Revs and they have the same points.

As for the Rapids I have to say, I wonder when this club will fire Clavijo. Still no real positive results since May and they are starting to look as bad as their Rocky Mountain rival, RSL. Offense still isn’t clicking, though the defense isn’t too bad anymore. Danny Osorno played yesterday, you may remember the Hoops tried to sign Osorno to a deal a few weeks back but couldn’t reach an agreement. He basically did nothing out there worth mentioning for the Rapids and it is fair to say why Steve Morrow and Dallas wanted to evaluate him more before they signed him.

Ray Burse is starting to look like a solid choice at keeper for Dallas as well. Second game I’ve seen him in in recent weeks and I am getting more impressed by the minute with this kid.

As for Dallas right now, their offense is working alright, Ruiz could be playing better but for now things are alright. Another busy week for the Hoops as they have a US Open Cup date in Charleston, South Carolina with the Battery on Tuesday before hosting the Crew on Saturday. Dallas is one of the couple teams still in the US Open Cup along with Colorado and New England.

DC 3 – 0 New England

Another weird game if you ask me. I caught some of it and I was immediately blown away with how bad New England played and how well DC stepped up their game. No Christan Gomez in the lineup and no Jamie Moreno starting (he did enter and then leave thanks to an injury in the second half) and it still didn’t matter for the United. This is what most people like myself were expecting out of the Black-and-Red this season.

Luciano Emilio is a beast and will probably win the Golden Boot Award this season in the league. I am already going to throw that out there if I haven’t done so before. Tied with Eddie Johnson with 12 goals now on the season. Sure at times he is cold as ice out there but when he is on the United typically pick up points in the standings.

Big time road win for the United if you ask me. They needed it, their fans wanted it and they came through with it. I don’t know what it is about New England at home but you have to question something about their home tactics anymore. Having Michael Parkhurst out in the first half really did some damage to that backline of the Revs though. DC also did a good job shutting down Taylor Twellman.

LA 0 – 0 Toronto

Caught most of this game. Toronto dominated the first half for the most part even though they only had one guy up top in Andrea Lombardo, who I really felt was TFC’s man of the match.

Great crowd on hand as usual in Toronto, all hoping to see David Beckham on the sideline. ESPN2 picked up the game and I have to say it was a good move on their part. I think it was a solid game that people out there needed to see even though it was a 0-0 game. Toronto is a great place and it comes across very well on TV. Just wish Allen Hopkins had not decided to go with the red sweater though, that was terrible on his part really.

LA played well in the second half though, pushing forward and making some good stops on TFC. Gotta love the crowds reactions to Donovan and his antics. LA did make a push for the three points by sending in some offense in the second half but nothing came of it. They went for their typical over-the-top-dump-and-chance-to-Donovan approach and Toronto had it scouted.

Both teams needed more than a point but in the end that’s all they could get. Toronto will be alright with that point. Still six points back of a playoff spot. Got to get the wins at home and get some players healthy. No Dichio, Cunningham or O’Brien last night, I am sure Mo has a move or two left before the transfer window closes as well. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lalas and the Galaxy had a move or two left as well.