My Thoughts On FCD – LA

My Thoughts On FCD – LA

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 1, 2007

Okay, I put this off long enough today but I figure now is the time to discuss last nights barn-burner of a game between FC Dallas and the LA Galaxy. Eleven goals and a good crowd, to go along with a nice evening made it a very enjoyable game for the most part.

First off, traffic to get to Pizza Hut Park sucked last night. There is no other way to put that really. I have been to plenty of games at The Oven but never a week night game before. I can honestly say, I don’t know when I will make it up there for another week night game again until Highways 121 and the Dallas North Tollway are complete.

I didn’t get to leave as early for the game as I usually do; normally I am the type that arrives way to early, gets the parking spot utterly too close to the stadium, grabs the beer and food and then takes to my seat. I wasn’t able to do so last night. I arrived at the game when it was 4-0 and the Galaxy were already sitting back and defending. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one like this. I would be willing to bet that nearly 60% of the crowd arrived very, very late. Thankfully most of them stayed until the final whistle was blown.

Now as for the game itself that I saw there was no defense from either side really. LA may be able to say they had more defense since they stopped more shots and didn’t allow as many goals but by the time I started watching they were already in bunker mode and basically clearing the ball to Pavon or Donovan in their normal dump and chance style of offense.

Dallas had no defense last night, which may be an understatement. Blame what you will on that, either be injuries, suspensions, tired legs, recovering legs, or the humidity; the Hoops backline just didn’t have the gas to keep up with any speed last night as seen in the last two Galaxy goals.

This game really in all honesty could have easily been a 8-6 or 7-5 game in favor of either club, probably more so in favor of Dallas thanks to a couple calls by the officials. A no PK call and a yellow on Toja at the end of the first half was really a poor decision on the part of the center ref. I had a perfect view of the foul from my seats in section 102, it was a foul in the box and it should have been a PK. Instead a card was issued for flopping and diving and the game went on for a few  more minutes before the half.

The second half was the real drama that people are talking about today really. After the offsides call on Ruiz’s beautiful bicycle kick, a goal that would have made highlight reels on ESPN for weeks I think, LA was continuing their bunker and dumping style of play that they have seemingly perfected this season. Thankfully Dallas was able to pull something back with Toja’s goal in the 78th minute. From then on it was dear I say on.

Dallas again made it interesting with another goal to make it 4-3 then to only give up the now infamous Donovan goal where he celebrated by shushing the crowd and giving the throat slashing gesture that will ultimately land him a hefty fine by the league (if they are smart enough to do so).

The Hoops didn’t give up though. They got another goal only to give up another and then they got another to make it 6-5, the final score.

I have to say that I saw more heart out on the field last night by Dallas than I had ever seen before. They really believed that they would be able to at least get a draw in the game even though they very well could and should have won that game. The opening 20 minutes were the death of them but most of the crowd got there and just thought that they gave the Gals a four goal spot.

It wasn’t the most attractive soccer I have ever seen by any stretch of the imagination. Eleven goals is not great soccer but it is entertaining soccer that may put more butts in the seats in Frisco. Once some things improve in Dallas (not the club itself or the product on the field) this club will be one that will have good crowds and sellout crowds for games. I can and do believe that is to be true.

From where I was sitting last night there wasn’t a fan that just showed up for Beckham or a soccer-mom that didn’t know the game. There were legitimate fans that enjoyed the game and that stayed there until the end. It was fun but sadly at the end of it the Hoops lost but I don’t think it will kill over in the long run for Dallas fans.