Week 16 MLS Power Rankings

Week 16 MLS Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 24, 2007

Ah another week down in the league and only a hand full of games to really discuss and think about into these rankings. Same will go in the coming week as SuperLiga kicks up for a few teams around the league. Still not a lot of change at the top or at the bottom.

1. (1) Houston Dynamo (34 pt.) – Anyone realize that the Dynamo haven’t lost in their last 11 games? Yeah, quite an impressive streak, almost as impressive as that shutout streak that came to a close last weekend in New England. Its not SuperLiga time for the Dynamo and I have to say I think this tournament comes at a bad time for the Dynamo. No league games for a little while could do some serious damage to the mojo that they have going on right now. Though winning that tournament wouldn’t hurt I would say either.

2. (2) FC Dallas (30 pt.) – No games in the past week but no change either. SuperLiga coming up for this club as well and I think its definitely fitting for the Hoops to be playing in it at this time in their schedule. As much as it could hurt a team like Houston, it definitely should help a team like Dallas, who could possibly be signing a DP player anytime soon this week. I am curious to see exactly how this club plays in this tournament as well. I think since their games are at home, then they should do fine for the most part.

3. (3) New England Revolution (27 pts.) – Nice draw against the league’s best club over the weekend but where was the defense? If New England expects on a return visit to the MLS Cup this year, then they have to handle business at home. They have the lone game this Saturday against Real Salt Lake. I honestly think this could be a trap weekend for the Revs going on the road to Salt Lake. We will see though.

4. (5) Kansas City Wizards (26 pts.) – Getting a bump up after a draw against the Rapids, though I can’t say I wanted to move this club up, other clubs around here didn’t leave me much choice really. Eddie Johnson remains hot, but how long will that last? And how long will that defense be able to play so poorly and not be beaten? I don’t think Johnson will be good enough to carry that club thanks to that defense for much longer. They need help in the back but thankfully another home game against a road side that is pathetic (Chivas) should be an easy game for the Wizards.

5. (7) Red Bull New York (27 pt.) – I almost ranked New York right at four with KC but I want to see more out of this club again before I give them that sort of respect. Nice win against a struggling DC club. They stay home once again and host Chivas, oddly enough just like KC, it should be three points but I have a feeling that one of these two games the Goats will get points out of. I am sure the return of Juan Pablo Angel in prime-time action should help the Red Bulls not be the club that the Goats get points off of.

6. (4) DC United (24 pts.) – What’s going on in DC right now? The club isn’t playing well and the future of their soccer stadium is in major doubt. Apparently a DP is in order for this club and it could happen sometime soon if this club has the money for it. I think SuperLiga should help this club get back into a decent form for the stretch run or else this could be a long second half of the season for the United.

7. (8) Columbus Crew (25 pt.) – Schelotto continues to prove his worth and value to this club, truly a MVP right now for the Crew. Nice win over Toronto this past weekend and now they get a weekend to rest and recover. Much needed I assume.

8. (6) CD Chivas USA (24 pts.) – Big time week for the Goats, two road games against clubs that they can actually beat. But they have to shake their road woes fast if they expect to play in the playoffs this season. I think they can get some points this weekend but it won’t be any more than four I think and possibly no more than two. If they get two straight wins then you can bet this club will be respected from here on out for the rest of the season.

9. (9) Toronto FC (19 pt.) – The road trip has finally come to an end and after six games the Reds have six points to show for on the road. Thats not bad for an expansion club really if you think about it. Far better than Chivas or Real had a couple seasons ago on the road. Now they get to host the club that they beat for their first win, Chicago. I think three points should be in order as the Toronto faithful will be excited to see their club for the first time in a month.

10. (10) LA Galaxy (13 pt.) – So Beckham is here, good. Now will this club win a game? Don’t expect them to anytime soon with them playing in SuperLiga. In all honesty they should sit Beckham out of the first couple SuperLiga games against the pesky Mexican sides who like to hack at feet and ankles of opposing players. Start him against in Dallas on the 31st and then have him play more once the league schedule gets back into full gear. Also, Abel Xavier looks to be legit in the back, a very solid pickup by the outspoken Alexi Lalas.
11. (11) Colorado Rapids (18 pts.) – They trade away Kyle Beckerman and get a draw on the road in their first game after the All-Star break. Still, no wins since May and that seems like ages ago for Rapids fans, and it seems like ages ago for non-Rapids fans. No game this weekend so, more time to get this team back into proper form and get the offense back full-time.

12. (12) Chicago Fire (16 pts.) – Nice debut for Blanco, fitting he scores I guess. The first test now comes in Toronto. He may score some for the Fire but I don’t see the Fire winning just yet.

13. (13) Real Salt Lake (9 pt.) – Freddy will probably be out of the league by the end of the week. Probably before their match with New England on Saturday. Though if he isn’t I wonder if he will even play. Over the weekend when they beat Everton in a friendly, the Royals used 28 players and not one of them was Freddy. Interesting, you got to think that Real is waiting to cash in on Adu.