SuperLiga Preview 8/24/07

SuperLiga Preview 8/24/07

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 24, 2007

I figure SuperLiga is well worth talking about here as it starts tonight. Two MLS teams square off with two MFL teams. You excited? Are you? Are you?

CF Pachuca at LA Galaxy: Pachuca is probably the best club in Mexico and the Galaxy (even with Beckham and his sore ankle) are currently one of the worst MLS clubs. So what gives? Not a whole lot. The Galaxy have been ugly in recent games, even those in the World Series of Football against Tigres and Chelsea. I will say they did fare a lot better with Chelsea than with Tigres, which really looks weird to type here.

I wonder really if Beckham will even play tonight, in all honesty he shouldn’t, not even as a late second half sub for the Galaxy. No need to get him more injured than he already is. I have had ankle issues in the past and I can tell you he needs another week or so to really recover here.

The big load tonight will be on Landon Donovan for the Galaxy’s hopes at getting a win in this game. Lately we haven’t seen a whole lot from Donovan and I really wonder how he feels to have the spotlight away from him. He may act like it doesn’t bother him but something is definitely up with Donovan.

I think this game comes down to what kind of shape Pachuca is in at this point in their pre-season. We know when they are fit they are one of the best clubs in this side of the world. If they aren’t fit then this could be an interesting match. I think Pachuca somehow breaks away from the Galaxy late in the game and comes away win the all important first win of the tournament.

WVH Prediction: CF Pachuca 2, LA Galaxy 1

CD Guadalajara at FC Dallas: The Mexican Goats against the American Hoops. I was going to try and make it to this game but just ran out of time to get a ticket and really am too busy right now to go on a Tuesday night (though that won’t stop me next week when the Galaxy are in town on Tuesday night).

Chivas is in the same boat as Pachuca, if they are well and fit then they would have no problem handling a MLS team like Dallas but since they aren’t fully up for it and will be missing some key elements to their attack then you have to think that a club that is playing fairly well as of late like Dallas, should be able to win this game.

In a way I think if any MLS club is to win this competition it will be one of the Texan clubs or DC. Yeah, I give LA no hope for this tournament but I think Dallas stands a good chance at winning their group and getting into the semi-finals later on down the road.

It starts here with Chivas for the Hoops. Get an all important win early and set themselves up for a nice run in this tournament, where they won’t have many MLS games to worry about and will be at home for most of the time. I like Dallas’ chances tonight against Chivas who may be starting a youth player in the back as well. Ruiz should be able to get on board as well as a couple other guys.

WVH Prediction: FC Dallas 2, Chivas 0

  • Whip

    No love for DC-Morelia?<br />
    <br />
    Our boy McTavish moved over to center back as Vanney got benched, and DC blew a 1-0 lead despite a man advantage to draw 1-1.

  • Whip

    No love for DC-Morelia?

    Our boy McTavish moved over to center back as Vanney got benched, and DC blew a 1-0 lead despite a man advantage to draw 1-1.