Weekend Review and News

Weekend Review and News

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 23, 2007

I probably won’t get into too much detail over the weekend games. I honestly got to see very little of them due to things going on around me right now. Plus it was a gorgeous weekend that I didn’t want to miss out on.

Anyways, a few things to discuss that are going on in the league that I will put my two cents on and allow you to do the same.

~~ I did watch some of Blanco’s debut for the Fire. I have to say he is in better shape than most people will give him credit for and better shape than most of his Fire teammates, which isn’t really saying a whole lot. What can you take away from his effort against Celtic? Well, the Fire didn’t win and he scored on a team that is in pre-season mode right now. Plus the Fire giving up a late goal never looks good, even if it were a friendly.

~~ The Galaxy lost both of their World Series of Football matches with Chelsea and Tigres. No goals for the Galaxy and in the first game against Tigres, not a lot of defense. Beckham has been here for about a week and the Galaxy haven’t done anything good. Plus, is it me or has Landon Donovan lost his mojo or something as of late. Its like all the hype around Becks and him not getting in the starting lineup for the All-Star game and somewhat shaky form with the national team. I don’t know what it is but to me it seems like Landon is out in his own world right now and he isn’t helping his club one bit. Maybe it is time to stop kissing your hands so much Landon and just play.

~~ Isn’t it funny how the two biggest DPs so far (Becks and Blanco) go to two of the league’s worst teams? I found that odd even though when they signed it wasn’t really the case.

~~ Nice win for the Crew yesterday against Toronto. Schelotto continues to prove his worth for the Crew. Two goals yesterday in the 2-0 win over the Reds. Toronto looked rather pathetic at times during that match. I am not sure the status on Jeff Cunningham who left the game in the 7th minute.

~~ Apparently DC United has had some downfalls with their current stadium situation. Looks like the Black-and-Red may have to move out of the city into the subs in northern Virginia or Maryland or maybe even close to Baltimore. Sad really because that club needs to be in DC and not in the surrounding area of DC.

~~ Also with DC it looks like they may sign Argentina midfielder Juan Sabastian Veron as their DP player. Word in the foreign papers say that he could cash in a $20 million check to play with the United. Is Veron the player that gets DC over the hump in the east? I am not sure really because he is a bit old now and I wonder if he really is going to be able to improve what is already a very solid midfield. He is also linked to possibly go to Chivas as well.

~~ Dallas seems closer to signing a DP player of their own. It looks like more and more it will be Brazilian striker Denilson will be the player that Dallas goes after. The two sides are in talks right now and something should be worked out either way in the near future, possibly the end of the week I would imagine with SuperLiga coming up.

~~ The Jay-Jay Okocha to Real Salt Lake is still in question. Various snags and problems have come up between the two sides but a deal should be worked out soon from what I am reading.

~~ It looks like Eddie Johnson won’t travel off to England this summer after all. It had been reported earlier this month that new EPL side Derby Country was looking at offering Johnson a deal to come play for them. But even with a nice offer from Derby, Johnson has decided to back off the deal and not take it. To me, that is a complete mistake even if Derby is only in the Premiership for only a season, you got to take a chance while you can, even if it is for a season. I know the Wizards are happy he is staying but judging by this weekend’s attendance in KC, no one seemed to notice that Johnson leads the league in goals as only a mere 7,000+ came out to see the Wizards tie the Rapids 2-2. Sad really that that club puts no money, what so ever into promotions of that club.

~~ A little expansion talk, it looks like Drew Carey and the city of Cleveland are back in the expansion discussion as they hope to build a stadium soon to house a MLS club. Its a cute idea but they have no shot in hell right now I think.

This looks to be all for now. Power Rankings should be up later on if not by the morning.