MLS Weekend Preview

MLS Weekend Preview

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 20, 2007

I honestly don’t know what kind of time I will have today to write about some things like last night’s All-Star game in which two MLS All-Star rookies and Colombians stole the show for the MLS (Juan Toja and Juan Pablo Angel) or some other things that I have been wanting to touch base on (TV announcing, SuperLiga, and other league improvements). But for now I will tackle the weekend previews as always on Friday.

Only four games this weekend and all of them are on Sunday to kick off the second half of the season.

Houston Dynamo at New England Revolution: This is by far the best looking game this weekend out of the four games. Both teams enter the second half on top of their respective conferences by slim margins, no less. One team is looking to get into some kind of form to break away from the rest of the jumbled pack, while the other is hoping to continue it’s impressive shutout streak.

In all honesty, the shutout streak will come to an end this weekend. I just do not see Houston leaving New England with that record still going. Not with the likes of Andy Dorman and Taylor Twellman leading the way for the Revs these days.

Houston though is playing mighty impressively in the back, which surprisingly the backline and keeper were left completely off the All-Star lineup, yeah, I am still a bit pissed with that (as well as the other Texan club not getting enough love). Houston has to find ways to frustrate Dorman and Twellman and Onstad has to continue to come up big in the net. If Richardo Clark and the rest of the Houston defense can do that, then expect another three points for the defending champs.

But not so fast my friends, I don’t see that happening. A little thing called revenge is on the side of New England and they still want to use that card against the Dynamo for losing in last year’s MLS Cup. In some ways I’d love to see Jay Heaps get full revenge and score a goal in this one that ends up breaking the streak or winning the game but I may stand a better change at winning the lotto.

Still, I see this as a one goal game that turns out to be a solid game that could really tell us how legit both clubs really are.

WVH Prediction: New England 2, Houston 1

Toronto FC at Columbus Crew: The touring Reds continue in what I believe is the last roadie of this tour. So far it has been a near impressive run on the road for the expansion side. Last four games have given the Reds six points. So no losses this month on the road, but will it continue?

Columbus needs to get back on track in this home game if they want a shot at the playoffs this season. The midfield is good enough to get them there but they need some big time scoring. Toronto has big time scoring but the defense is too shaky for my liking.

I think this game is shaping up to be a draw. I want to take the Crew but you just never know how a team is when they lose a game on the road thanks to an own goal. Things like that can really deflate a team. And I just don’t know if Toronto is good enough to get a win on the road again at this point. Draws aren’t losses if you are a Reds fan but then again draws aren’t wins either.

WVH Prediction: Columbus Crew 1, Toronto FC 1

DC United at Red Bull New York: Thanks to a red card New York has no Angel but they do get Jozy Altidore back. I really don’t know if that will be good enough to beat their Atlantic Cup rivals from the nation’s capital. Then again, after last weekend’s collapse at home against Dallas, I wonder what state the Black-and-Red are in.

New York needs some life right now going into the second half of the season. Whatever magic button Bruce Arena was pushing early in the season just isn’t cutting it right now for the Red Bulls. Some serious issues there in the Big Apple that could cause this club to miss out on the post season.

In a way I think DC will win but after last weekend anything is possible. Like the TFC-Columbus game, I am going safe with another draw. I know it’s boring but this game can really go either way and at this point I am not confident enough to lean one way or the other.

Emilio continues to score though, I will say that much.

WVH Prediction: DC 2, NY 2

Colorado Rapids at Kansas City Wizards: It seems like when I really want to put down the Wizards they beat a team that they should. And another case in point will come this weekend when they host one of the most pathetic clubs in the league right now, the Rapids. Colorado needs a coaching change but all we get is a player swap over the week, a move that probably won’t do enough to improve the offense that is just sad to watch really.

KC leads the league in goals, but people please do not get overly excited about the number that Eddie Johnson is putting up. Two games inflated that number quite a bit (yes I know how impressive that was but still, its inflated to a degree) and I think we start to see a cooling off period since he said he isn’t signing with Derby of the EPL.

The Wizards should win this one and could possibly be back in the drivers seat in the east when this weekend is over with if other games go like they could. Plus KC is fairly good at home and the Rapids are just crap on the road.

WVH Prediction: KC 2, Colorado 0