MLS All-Star Preview

MLS All-Star Preview

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 19, 2007

I can easily say that I will probably not be watching the MLS All-Star game tonight against Celtic. Its nothing against Celtic or the league itself, it’s mostly because I honestly hate how the league handles their All-Star game anymore.

Its true, I don’t like seeing an All-Star cast from the league playing a club that is in pre-season mode from another country, even if it is a big time club like a Celtic or Chelsea. I find that the MLS has missed the beat at what an All-Star game really is. Then again, I feel that the league really in some ways do not need an All-Star game in the middle of their season, especially when their schedule is already packed full of games and other important tournaments that the clubs need to be focused on.

To me I am finding it sad that the league cares more about an exhibition game than games in the US Open Cup. Its sad that the clubs from the USL have dominated the MLS clubs in this year’s US Open Cup. Only New England, Colorado and Dallas won their games to reach the quarter-finals of the US Open Cup.

I know it is mostly because of money and TV time that the league puts more effort into the All-Star game and in a way they are on par with a couple other leagues in this country when it comes to All-Star games; that being the NFL and their ridiculous end of year Pro Bowl and the NHL. I would almost rate them around the same as the MLB and the NBA but the MLS lacks a high profile event like the Slam Dunk Contest or the Home Run Derby.

Until the league can do something like that it will never be anything special and probably nothing too great to watch. And since the league has never lost an All-Star game to someone else then I don’t see it happening yet this year.

WVH Prediction: MLS 3, Celtic 1

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    Good thoughts. Good prediction. Go USL!

  • Good thoughts. Good prediction. Go USL!