Expansion Thoughts

Expansion Thoughts

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 18, 2007

As mentioned in last night’s post, the San Jose Earthquakes (Clashquakes as I will probably refer back to) are once again a MLS club starting next season.

I didn’t get to touch on this enough last night as much as I wanted to but I have to say this is a good step for the league in returning to a market that does indeed enjoy it’s soccer. Sure they are going to suck for the next couple of seasons but once a new stadium is built it will all be worth it in the end right? I think so.

So what do we get out of this? Plenty of things:

  • A 14th club and a balanced schedule for 2008
  • The real California rival for the LA Galaxy
  • A team with actual history, even though the players from that club have moved on to Houston or other various places
  • Another team for Mo Johnston and Alexi Lalas to trade with
  • A western club that will continue to make the west very top heavy for a couple more seasons (I don’t see Real or even Colorado getting much better anytime soon)
  • Two venues for the time being until a stadium is built
    • A big one (McAfee Stadium) for the Beckham games and other “big” games
    • A smaller venue that isn’t known for the “more routine opponents”

I am sure there are other things but that is all I could come up with in a short amount of time.

Also, it has been tossed around that the league would announce the other two cities that would join the league by 2010. Most likely it looks like the league will go with another New York club and a team in the Pacific Northwest…most likely Portland.

Happy soccer San Jose…glad you’re back in the league once again!

  • Jeff Bull

    Clashquakes sounds too much like Corn Flakes…but maybe that's what you're gunning for…

  • Clashquakes sounds too much like Corn Flakes…but maybe that’s what you’re gunning for…