WVH – MLS Power Rankings

WVH – MLS Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 17, 2007

The midway point is here, the All-Star game is Thursday night. Houston has been on a roll lately, while a couple clubs are excited to get some reinforcements back in their lineups after the break.

1. (1) Houston Dynamo (33 pt.) – Rolling along as they set records in the process.  The draw with TFC yesterday was a bit interesting. The chances were there but no one in orange could finish things off and get the three points. I have to say this now but Stuart Holden is winning me over as a big time player. After the All-Star break the Dynamo get a trip to New England, which should be a nice showdown of the each conference’s top clubs. I am curious to see how they handle the pressure of SuperLiga coming up though. That will be a big time barometer of how this club really is.

2. (3) FC Dallas (30 pt.) – One of the best comebacks in league history against DC, on the road no less. Juan Toja should be a MVP candidate right now after his two goal performance. At least people noticed that he was All-Star worthy. Dallas is showing more and more that they are one of the better clubs in the league right now too. Their odd schedule continues in the coming weeks as they will only have three games between now and September. They have SuperLiga and the US Open Cup to keep them occupied though for the time being. And speaking of the US Open Cup, it looks like Dallas may be the only MLS club taking the Cup serious this season.

3. (4) New England Revolution (26 pts.) – Nice win against New York on the road. I almost had this club at number two but decided against it. Andy Dorman continues to be the league’s most under paid player, I think his payday will come at the end of the season. He has seven goals, the same as Taylor Twellman. Think Steve Nicol knew the Revs would be fine with Twellman gone for a while with the national team? I think so. Big time clash with Houston after the All-Star game this weekend. A win could move them back up into the top spot.

4. (2) DC United (24 pts.) – You cannot, cannot give up three goals at home after going ahead by three goals. So far the new additions in the defense aren’t working for the United. The defense has to be sorted out if the United even want to think about the MLS Cup at this point. That type of result against Dallas could haunt them for weeks. Road trip to New York this weekend should let us know how badly that tie was for the United.

5. (6) Kansas City Wizards (25 pts.) – Nice win at home but it should have been by a much larger scoreline. If Eddie Johnson stays I think he could end up with as many as 17 or 18 goals, if he gets sold (which I think he will) he won’t get anymore than 13 goals this season. I still believe this club is wasting away a lot of chances to just dominate other teams on the pitch. Plus I am not completely sold on Eddie Johnson being the savor for the Wizards playoff chances even if he stays around. They get a visit from the reeling Rapids this weekend, should be another three points though.

6. (8) CD Chivas USA (24 pts.) – This club is definitely a one trick pony at this point. All but one win this season has been at the Home Depot Center. I think this club needs to make a splash right now and get a top player even though they don’t have a DP spot on their roster anymore. I really had trouble ranking the Goats at this position because of their road problems. But beating another playoff contender over the weekend doesn’t hurt, it just needs to be on the road some too for people to take this club serious.

7. (5) Red Bull New York (24 pt.) – Dropping more games as of late. Jozy Altidore comes back into the lineup in the coming week, which should really help. Angel is in a current funk and won’t play in the next game either. What once was the best looking midfield in the league is now looking like one that is running out of gas. A visit from DC this weekend won’t help either I think.

8. (7) Columbus Crew (22 pt.) – Dropped a game on the road but didn’t fall out of the playoff hunt, so that is still good for the Crew. This is the time of the season that gets real interesting for Crew fans. Does the Crew continue their current pace that they have played in the recent weeks or do they revert back to their form at the beginning of the season when they looked dreadful? A visit from the touring expansion Toronto FC this weekend should let us in on that answer.

9. (9) Toronto FC (19 pt.) – July has been fairly good for the Reds, so far, four road games and six points. Not bad at all. You wonder what move Mo Johnston has up his sleeve now though as his club is on the outside looking in the current playoff picture. Another point on the road can only help their slow gain towards the final playoff spot. I think they may be a move or two away from the playoffs at this point though.

10. (10) LA Galaxy (13 pt.) – No change thanks to no games. However even with no MLS games coming up the exhibition schedule and tournaments will put a damper on how the fitness of this club is. I hate saying this over and over again but the schedule is the death of this club this season.

11. (11) Colorado Rapids (17 pts.) – Oh yeah they host the All-Star game…I think there are still tickets remaining. What are the chances of head coach Fernando Clavijo being fired before the next win? Well, pretty darn good if you ask me. No offense leads to no goals and no goals lead to no wins. That is the story of the last couple months in Colorado and for Clavijo.

12. (12) Chicago Fire (16 pts.) – Blanco should debut next weekend. Should. The Fire and their fans can only hope for the best from Blanco. I still will not hold my breath that he will be anything great for them this season. Though he couldn’t do any worse than how they have played recently anyways.

13. (13) Real Salt Lake (9 pt.) – They get Freddy Ady, Nathan Sturgis and Chris Seitz back from the U20 National team. The question is though, how long will each of them stay in Salt Lake City? I think Seitz is about the only one that will stay as Adu and Sturgis will be looking to bounce out as soon as they can. In the mean time, Real has to get the most out of these three while they can. Adu needs to find the magic that he had in the U20 Cup for Real to really get a large payday in Europe.