DP Scorecard

DP Scorecard

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 15, 2007

Yes, yes, I know it has been months since I have even done this post but I felt today was a solid day to take another stab at rating some foreign players in the MLS, as well as the big name designated players that have made such great impacts on this season already.

Again, I know the headline reads ‘DP Scorecard’, but this is a rating of other foreign stars in the MLS today. So please save me the time and effort about complaining that this guy isn’t a DP and that another guy is. I know who is and isn’t just as everyone else does.

Which that said, there are still a couple guys that have yet to suit up so their grades are a bit incomplete but I will rate their impact and potential for now, just as I had done before.

David Beckham (LA Galaxy) – A+
Blanco (Chicago Fire) C

Basically these are the same grades as the last time I did this post a couple months ago. I thought about dropping Blanco even more than a ‘C’ but I will continue to give him the benefit of the doubt that he will actually make some sort of impact on the Fire this season. Beckham continues to get an A+ in my book until I see something that otherwise changes my opinion that his signing was anything bad for the league.

Now to the rest of the players whom have played and impacted their clubs this season:

Roberto Brown (Colorado Rapids) – Early on Brown had a decent impact on the Rapids. He was scoring goals and helping his club along nicely but just like his club, once the month of May hit so did the wall for Brown. No goals in as many games and very minimal impact on his club. Then again, with the lack of offense that the Rapids have endured over the recent months, its hard to really put all the blame on Brown. WVH Rating: D+

Luciano Emilio (DC United) – What can you say about Emilio right now. Definitely an All-Star snub and definitely is a guy who could legitimately score 20 goals this season. The United may be a bit up and down at the moment but Emilio’s scoring certainly is not. Nice to see this signing not go to waste like some others have this season. WVH Rating: A

Fred (DC United) – Unlike Emilio, I can’t say a whole lot about Fred. Sure some goals and assist have been there but it took a while for them all to come. I will be fair in this and at least improve his rating from the last time I did this and bump it up. WVH Rating: B-

Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Columbus Crew): Probably one of my favorite players right now in the league. He has definitely lifted the Crew from the bottom of the barrel in the east and in the league table. His passes are spot on and he is second in the league in assist behind Steve Ralston. I still think he could very well lead the league in assist when it is all said and done at the end of the year. Until then, Schelotto is making many clubs wish they had gone after him before the Crew had. WVH Rating: A

Carlos Marinelli (Kansas City Wizards): When Marinelli is on the pitch, things are pretty much in sync for the Wizards in the middle and when he isn’t there things are a bit different. He definitely knows how to control the middle of the field nicely and he does a good enough job distributing up top to Eddie Johnson and others. Though, I feel that he and the rest of the Wizards have wasted too many chances this season. They should be leading the east but instead they trail New England going into the All-Star break. Injuries will play apart in this rating as Marinelli has missed a few games. WVH Rating: C+

Juan Pablo Angel (New York Red Bulls): He may have been a bit cold as of late and got red carded in his match last night, but there is no doubt that Angel’s impact on the Red Bulls has been anything but good. Nine goals already in his short time with the Red Bulls have kept the New York club around the top of the table in the east. Angel needs to find a way out of his funk once he returns from suspension after the All-Star game. If he isn’t able to do that then this rating will definitely drop, until then it is going to remain fairly high. WVH Rating: A-

Claudio Reyna (New York Red Bulls): In all honesty, Reyna hasn’t had the impact that many expected him to have. Injuries have kept him out of some games but the games he has been in the Red Bulls have done fairly well. Reyna will be the leader once the stretch run gets into full gear here soon. New York needs Reyna to be Captain America and lead them into the MLS Cup. It can be done. WVH Rating: B+

Carl Robinson (Toronto FC): At times I think Robinson is everything that he is being paid for and at other times I find him a bit useless on the field for the Reds. Things have looked better once Ronnie O’Brien came back from injury for Robinson and the rest of the Reds. He is making some players around him look good while there are some guys making Robinson look better than he is. Just a weird situation there if you ask me. WVH Rating: C-

Danny Dichio (Toronto FC): Dichio is a fun character to watch for Toronto I think. I have enjoyed watching him bully other defenders and let them know he is there to play. Once he settled into how things work in the MLS, he has been fine. Leading Toronto in goals and helping them get into the playoff picture and actually look like they aren’t an expansion side. He will get some props from me for scoring Toronto’s first ever goal in this rating as well. WVH Rating: B

Juan Carlos Toja (FC Dallas): Everyone loves Toja and with good reason. He has really lifted this Dallas squad that has serious issues in the midfield to start the season. He has had some help as well but for the most part he has become a delight to watch out on the pitch. There are times that he is a little too crazy on the ball and will turn the ball over just as much as he gain possession from the opposite team. Sometimes I get frustrated watching him but for the most part he is a great example that the league needs to continue to go by in that they don’t have to find good players in Europe to play here. WVH Rating: A-

Pablo Ricchetti (FC Dallas): And another guy that has helped lift the Hoops this season. He has really changed the defense and the midfield as well. Sure there has been an adjustment period with how the league’s officials are but Ricchetti has done well this season learning and playing. He and Toja have made the midfield of Dallas one of the better midfields in the league right now. Not to mention Ricchetti may be one of the most underrated players in the league today. WVH Rating: B-

Carlos Pavon (LA Galaxy): Pavon may need another game or two to really become adjusted to the style of play in the MLS. But from what I have seen in brief highlights on his play so far, he will be a force up top for the Galaxy. LA lacked a solid finisher up top early on this season and they may have landed one in Pavon. He is big and he knows where to be on crosses, something that should come in handy real soon with Beckham involved. His grade will be incomplete for the time being but I would expect it to be around a B or a high C after a game or two. WVH Rating: Incomplete

Abel Xavier (LA Galaxy): His rating will be a bit low because he hasn’t exactly changed the horrible Galaxy defense but then again he hasn’t had a lot of games to do any sort of changing. I think Xavier will be the right kind of defender that the Galaxy need in the back. He has some personality and that also should help in some ways I think. I wouldn’t be surprised if he too gets on the end of some Beckham crosses before long. WVH Rating: C

That is all the players I will rate for now. I know there will be more DPs on the way in the coming weeks as Dallas, Real Salt Lake, Colorado, and Kansas City have all been rumored to be looking at some players that will be listed as a DP or slightly below that level. If I may have missed someone let me know and I will add them later on.

Feel free to give your thoughts about this and rate them yourselves if you’d like.