MLS Mid-Semester Grades

MLS Mid-Semester Grades

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 12, 2007

I know the All-Star game is next week but I wanted to save some time and get these team grades out of the way now before I didn’t have the time or energy to do so later on next week. Pretty much everyone is at the mid-way stage of this season, everyone except the LA Galaxy of course. Perfect time to hand out some grades.

Chicago Fire (16 points; 4-7-4): A strong start of 3-0-1 had many thinking optimistically about this club but as we all know once May hit the Fire hit a wall and as of today they have only won one game since that lovely start of the campaign. A lot is to blame on the coaching, which saw Dave Sarachan get sacked for being too defensive at times and rather dull in his lineups. Also, the injury to Chris Rolfe has completely killed the offense of this club. Things could look up with a new coach starting and with the arrival (finally) of Blanco after the All-Star game…but I wonder if it will be enough. WVH Mid-Semester Grade: D-

Chivas USA: (21 points; 6-5-3): One of the hardest teams to predict is the Goats. Absolutely dominate at home (5-0-1) and absolutely ugly on the road (1-5-2). This club is very much in the thick of things to at least make the playoffs at this point but I have a feeling the second half of the season will be much of the same. If they keep winning at home they will and should be fine but they need some road wins badly at this point. I question whether or not 43 points will be enough for this club to make the playoffs. WVH Mid-Semester Grade: C-

Colorado Rapids: (17 points; 4-8-5): Here is one club that I had high hopes for this season. I really thought they were a nice darkhorse pick in the west to reach the MLS Cup but now I can’t even see them making the playoffs. The coaching situation needs a change as the Rapids haven’t won since late May. The defense is slowly coming around in the last couple games and it may be the lone bright spot going into the All-Star break. Getting some offense is the biggest issue though. The Rapids lost their scoring ways this season. WVH Mid-Semester Grade: D

Columbus Crew: (22 points; 5-4-7): I said to begin the season that the Crew would be the last club to reach the playoffs and right now they are making me look great at that prediction. They certainly started out poorly but now they have already almost reached their point total of last season. And another nugget to chew on, only New England has lost fewer games than the Crew so far this season. Bet ya didn’t want to believe that now did ya? Anyways, Schelotto is the biggest reason for the turn around, once he became comfortable with his new club things clicked. Also the Moreno-Ngwenya trade with Houston has paid off for the Crew now. WVH Mid-Semester Grade: B-

DC United: (23 points; 7-5-2): A very sluggish start had many Black-and-Red fans worried. But fear not the United are a definite contender at this point. And I have to say they have been playing like the team to beat in the east. I believe in for the top position from the east will come down to DC and New England at this point. Emilio is finally looking like the real deal and is scoring left and right at this point. No more international call-ups for a little while so the United should be good to go for the summer months. WVH Mid-Summer Grade: B+

FC Dallas: (29 points; 9-6-2): The big changes from Dallas have certainly paid off in the minds of the Hoops fans and in the mind of a lot of people around the league. Sure their schedule has been a bit nutty thus far but things are starting to hold up in the standings despite that. They are most certainly on pace to reach the playoffs and get an automatic bid into the playoffs. More changes are certainly on the way but the Hoops have done a lot without the help of Carlos Ruiz and some of Kenny Cooper. Steve Morrow keeps pushing the right buttons somehow. WVH Mid-Summer Grace: B+

Houston Dynamo (29 points; 9-5-2): Another slow start club that has turned on the heat in recent games. Hasn’t lost in their last eight and I don’t see any let-up anytime soon. The champs are looking good to repeat at this point and it makes many wonder how long they can keep up this pace. I would say once SuperLiga hits and finishes we will really know a lot about this club and if they will or will not repeat. Yes, I said it, SuperLiga will help determine the fate of the Dynamo’s repeating chances. WVH Mid-Semester Grade: A-

LA Galaxy (13 points; 3-5-4): This grade is almost an incomplete at this point. Loads of changes and the soon arrival of David Beckham will certainly change a lot of things. Thing is their schedule is their ultimate killer. It has been all season really, lots of weeks off early on and now lots of games, not to mention 11 remaining road games. The Galaxy have been terrible on the road thus far this season by not winning a single road trip. Who will last longer with the Galaxy this year and into next: Frank Yallop or Alexi Lalas? My money is on Lalas. I won’t go the incomplete route yet with the Galaxy but the grade won’t be one people will like. WVH Mid-Semester Grade: D-

Kansas City Wizards (22 points; 6-5-4): A lot of attacking by the Wizards this season but a lot of blown chances to go with them. Also it looks like Eddie Johnson could be on his way out (which is a move that needs to be made). If Johnson goes then the Wizards have no change at making the playoffs. They will remain on the fringe like they have the last couple of season and just fail to reach it. If he stays then things get tricky, because I think they could still fail to reach the playoffs because of their defense. WVH Mid-Semester Grade: C-

New England (23 points; 6-3-5): Have stumbled a bit as of late at home but it was with many of their main stars out for national team duties and injuries. Still, the Revs are in a prime position to do well for the remaining part of the season. I think once Taylor Twellman gets back into the lineup and continues on his pace that he started before the Gold Cup and Copa America, the Revs should be fine. WVH Mid-Semester Grade B+

New York Red Bulls (24 points; 7-5-3): Started off great but now things are starting to hit a wall. Early on it was a concern for offense which was quickly erased with Juan Pablo Angel. Also the defense was dominate to begin the year but injuries have caught up with the Red Bulls. Still there are some concerns for Red Bulls fans going into the second half of the season with how things in the defense and midfield are going. I think its safe to say they will make the playoffs this season but how they will do will be up to the defense. WVH Mid-Semester Grade: B-

Real Salt Lake (9 points; 1-7-6): Safe to say that Real is an utter mess this season. One win in 14 games is never a good way to go but I think Jason Kries’s job is very safe. Getting rid of John Ellinger was a good start and now it is up to Kreis and management to get some strong players to go with the youthful mix that they have. Big question will be whether or not Freddy Adu finishes out the season in Salt Lake City or not. Things can really only go up from here though. WVH Mid-Semester Grade: F

Toronto FC (18 points; 5-7-3): Probably one of the most fun teams to watch this season despite the horrible start to their club history. But things are much better these days as Mo Johnston has made this club into a legitimate playoff contender. I am sure once this club gets back to playing more at home they will be perfectly fine and will get points. The east is a battle this season and I think Toronto can hang well with most clubs in there. WVH Mid-Semester Grades: C+

  • PZ

    I dunno dude. With the number of games they've played so far, LA should probably deserve an &quot;I&quot; until they've played 3 or 4 more league matches. Of course, all their matches will be stacked up on top of each other but still….<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Full Discloser…yeah, I'm an LA fan.

  • PZ

    I dunno dude. With the number of games they’ve played so far, LA should probably deserve an “I” until they’ve played 3 or 4 more league matches. Of course, all their matches will be stacked up on top of each other but still….

    Full Discloser…yeah, I’m an LA fan.