Hoops Hunting DPs

Hoops Hunting DPs

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 10, 2007

Make no mistake about it right now. The summer transfer window is open and in full business around the world and in the MLS. Already a few teams are signing up players to help their post season runs. FC Dallas is in that boat as well as they currently sit atop the league standings (with Houston) at the present moment.

Its been reported before that head coach Steve Morrow is shopping around and almost landed a Mexican striker last week. This week the rumors are flying around that Morrow and FC Dallas are in talks with two more international players. Chilean forward Sebastian “Chamagol” Gonzalez and Brazilian forward Denilson.

Gonzalez is owned by FC Dallas’ partner club Tigres, so a deal could easily be worked out with the sister club. Tigres loaned Chamagol to Vera Cruz last season and could sell or loan him to FC Dallas.

Denilson could meet with the team this week as well in Frisco. Some may remember him from the 2002 Brazilian World Cup squad. He may be a bit old but he still has plenty of nifty moves that could dazzle the Frisco and MLS crowds.

Its not known which star will be signed by the Hoops. Dallas is hoping to catapult it’s offense for the stretch run of the season. A run that they traditionally break down in. If I were a betting man I think Gonzalez would be an easier target to land though getting a top named Brazilian on the squad that already has plenty South American flavor wouldn’t be bad at all.