Monday Thoughts

Monday Thoughts

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 9, 2007

A nice weekend around the league. Time to discuss a few things surrounding a few teams and some possible expansion talk. Feel free as always to put your input below.

~~ For those wondering who the US U20 team will be facing (if you have been living under a rock or something), they get Uruguay Wednesday night in Toronto. For the entire bracket, click here. I must say, its weird thinking that the US are a legitimate contender at winning all of this. The bracket shapes up pretty fair in their favor too. No Argentina, no Mexico, only a possible meeting with Spain or Brazil down the road.

~~ Also, with all of the hype surrounding Freddy Adu’s performance in the World Cup, it looks as though there is considerable talk about what Real Salt Lake and DC United will get in compensation. From what I’ve been reading and hearing, if the MLS does sell Adu this season or at the end of the season (which they most likely will), Real Salt Lake would receive at least $400,000 in allocation money from the league, but, based on the terms of last winter’s trade, D.C. United would get $150,000 of it. United would also receive a draft pick, which at the moment looks be a third-rounder. Though if Adu sticks around for the season and plays like he has in the World Cup, that pick could end up being a second-rounder.

~~ From what I am reading it looks as though I need to update the coaching hot seats. Colorado and its front-office are growing very tired of head coach Fernando Clavijo. The Rapids have been plundering down the standings and haven’t won a single game since May. Though the front office doesn’t want to make too many moves during the season it looks like they may have to act soon. Clavijo hasn’t exactly been able to make on his championship promise in his third year as coach.

~~ As for the expansion talk that I mentioned, sources in the league say an announcement could come in the next 30 days if not at the all-star game. It isn’t at all known which city will be announced but we do know that the league has been in contact with various expansion sites like San Jose, Las Vegas, and the Pacific Northwest. It has to be a rebirth in the Silicon Valley right? I think so.

~~ Has anyone taken real notice of how tight the east has gotten in the recent weeks? Sure you have. Only eight points separate the best from the worst, though the gap in play is a little different between everyone and Chicago right now in my eyes. A lot of people keep talking about the dominance of the east but I am starting to see it more and more even with the league leaders in the west. As the all-star break draws near the east does have five clubs in the playoff picture, with one on the outside looking in (Toronto). I still think Dallas is in very good contention despite the fact that they have played more games than anyone else. League history shows that around 50 points is more than enough to make the playoffs. After 15 games, the Hoops had 25. Sure I sound like a broken record but all they need to do is match that point total in their second 15 games and they will be fine.

I don’t see anyone getting more than 55 points this season though. The east is too close of a race and I think Dallas and Houston will slug it out the rest of the way through.  I also see some clubs dropping off a bit in the east and possibly a club like LA gaining in the west.

~~ More to come later today. Power rankings should be up in the morning.