Update On Player Movement

Update On Player Movement

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 7, 2007

As reported earlier, I landed on an article that I mistakenly didn’t look at the date and it was an old article on Mexican striker Daniel Osorna. My apologies to everyone on that for leading you all the wrong way. Also, with that in mind would someone please change Osorna’s Wikipedia page…comes to show you can’t trust that site for breaking or recent news as much as you’d like.

In light of learning that Osorna’s article was old and that the Wizards have backed out a little bit like Dallas, it looks like Colorado is still the front-runner for landing Osorna. Good deal for the Rapids if everything pans out if you ask me.

On to other news though, it looks like Real Salt Lake has landed a foreign player in the recent summer transfer window. Nigerien midfielder Jay-Jay Okocha is set to sign a contract with Real. No word on if Okocha will be a designated player or not.

With the recent run of play that Freddy Adu has enjoyed in the FIFA U20 World Cup (an article for another day), pairing him up with Okocha should be good Real. I have said time and time again how badly Real needed a strong play maker in the middle of the field. Someone who can control the field from offense and defense. Okocha may be the right answer too.

He has over 70 caps with his national team and has scored 15 goals in that time. He has also seen time in three World Cups as well as a Gold Medal in the 1996 Olympics.

Okocha has also seen plenty of club success over the years. His most recent success was with Bolton where he played in over 100 games and scored 18 goals for the Wanderers. He has also played over the years for Pairs-St.Germain, Fenerbahce, and Eintracht Frankfort.

If Adu stays with Real for the remainder of the season then this could be a great midfield pairing that the league hasn’t seen in years. If not Okocha should be enough to help Real out of the cellar.

More deals to come I am sure…