MLS Power Rankings

MLS Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 4, 2007

This week’s rankings will be a bit shorter than normal. I am still catching up on things that I missed out on over the last couple days so bear with me a little bit longer here. Short reasons for the clubs in this week’s rankings as last weekends games shook up things a bit in the top portion of the rankings.

Ranking (last week’s) – Team (points)

1. (3) Houston Dynamo (23 pt.) – Sure it was only a draw on the road to Dallas but I think not losing a game in their last six proves worthy enough for me to rank them on top for now. Notice I say for now. It seems like whoever gets ranked at the top loses the following week. Hosting New York in another prime-time game should give us an idea if the Dynamo are for real again at the top or not.

2. (4) FC Dallas (26 pt.) – I am going out on a total limb here but I don’t even care. I felt the Hoops should have beaten the Dynamo last weekend but a draw is a draw. Dallas is still on pace to make the playoffs and possibly surprise some people in the process. They need Carlos Ruiz to be Carlos Ruiz right now. The next few weeks will be light on MLS games for the Hoops and it should give us time to see where the Hoops will drop to when other clubs catch up on the number of games.

3. (6) DC United (20 pts.) – Almost, almost ranked them higher than Dallas. That RSL loss still stings in my mind a bit but dumping the Rapids sure helped some. Not to mention everyone else in the east played horribly last weekend.

4. (5) Kansas City Wizards (21 pts.) – Should have beaten Toronto at home again but couldn’t get it done. It looks like Michael Harrington leads a short list of the Rookie of the Year nominees. No game until Saturday when they play out in LA. Big time test as the Wizards need to get back on track. No win in a few games isn’t good enough to be ranked higher than this.

5. (1) New England Revolution (22 pts.) – Still leads the east even though they dropped a game against Chivas. New England has to find ways to get it done on the road or else it will be trouble later on down the road. They get a rematch with the Goats this weekend at home. It should be three points this time around.

6. (2) Red Bull New York (21 pt.) – The Red Bulls are ever so slightly dropping off here after their hot start. Two games on the road should let us know if this trend will continue.

7. (8) Columbus Crew (18 pt.) – The Crew continue to roll but for how much longer will it last. They travel to Colorado today before facing RSL this weekend.

7. (7) CD Chivas USA (20 pts.) – Again, the Goats are dominate at home but with two games on the road this week can they change their pathetic ways? I am not holding my breath for six points, that much is for sure.

9. (9) Toronto FC (14 pt.) – The Reds got another point on the road but when will the first win be? I think sometime this week we will see it. They face two clubs that are below them in the rankings and the standings in Chicago and RSL. Well, okay the Fire are still technically a point above them in the standings but I think it will change after this week.

10. (10) Colorado Rapids (15 pts.) – Picking up Erpen from DC is a start at getting that defense back on track. But getting the offense back is a bigger issue for the Rapids. Two more home games this week should yield some goals.

11. (11) Chicago Fire (15 pts.) – A draw at home was a start over last weekend but signing another player or two now that they have freed up some international spots should help out. Blanco debuting will be interesting this week.

12. (12) LA Galaxy (9 pt.) – The fun begins in a few days with Beckham coming to town. I think things will turn around but they have a lot of ground to make up at this point. But the schedule will be the killer as usual with this club.

13. (12) Real Salt Lake (9 pt.) – No games and no worries but the fun stars up again. Will RSL make a move to change their roster a bit enough to make them competitive with the rest of the west and the league?