Hoops Look To Make Moves

Hoops Look To Make Moves

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 28, 2007

The wonderful Buzz over at 3rddegree.net spoke today with during his practice observations that FC Dallas will probably be looking to make another move or two during this transfer window. Even with the recent loan from their sister club in Brazil to land young striker Ricardinho, the Hoops will probably make one or two more moves/signings.

Ricardinho is merely just a replacement for the injured Roberto Mina. Buzz has said before that Dallas is hoping to land a DP player. Head coach Steve Morrow has talked a couple times about how they have looked at various players throughout the Europe and South America.

“I am looking at people, yeah. You wouldn’t expect me to give you names.  I am certainly looking at options.  One or two things that have came up the last couple weeks that I hoped could develop didn’t.  More so for financial reasons, it wasn’t the right fit for us.  But we’re looking hard.  I’ve had options come up from Europe and also from South America.  We’re looking hard now and I’ve got good contacts in both Europe and South American.  At this time of year with the transfer window open, especially with the European season where it is, things are hopping up a little bit.”

I like Buzz believe the Hoops will go after another target player up top. Probably a attacking midfielder of some sort or a striker that likes to withdraw himself a bit. With no Cooper for a while a move like this makes sense if you are Morrow. Depending on the type of signing they get Dallas will also probably go for another midfielder or (what they really need) another defender.

In all honesty I would love to see a good defender signed from South America. Sure another target up top would be lovely for the Hoops as it would with any team but I really hope to see a solid player in the back get signed. Morrow has already done plenty in my book of getting the midfield in order with Toja and Ricchetti. The backline just needs a bit of a touch to make a good deep run.

MLS roster freeze on August 15, so expect something between now and then.

I do expect many other teams to be looking to make moves just like Dallas. Once I hear more on them I will pass them along to you as well.