Galaxy Fans In Rage…Who Could Blame Them?

Galaxy Fans In Rage…Who Could Blame Them?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 24, 2007

Some don’t know if it is the horrible trades, the wacky schedule, the outspoken GM, or the under productive roster of the Galaxy that is to blame for their failures ten games into their season. The last couple days my inbox has filled up with Galaxy supporters (and haters) discussing why they think their team is going into the waste-bin already this season.

The Galaxy have played the fewest of games (10) so far this season and it is all because of the arrival of David Beckham. The schedule would remain a constant going into the season as we all knew would be a tough thing for the Galaxy to overcome. Early on it was the many days off between matches and the lack of team chemistry to now all of the international call-ups and injuries killing any momentum made by a win or a draw. Their only two wins of the season have been followed up a 3-2 loss at home.

Now days it seems like the reasons of the failures aren’t solely blamed on injuries and call-ups but by random trades and signings. In the past week Galaxy GM Alexi Lalas has signed a fairly proven (yet as some will put overrated) striker in Carlos Pavon, got the arrival of the wacky looking Abel Xavier, traded for veteran (and somewhat outdated) midfielder Chris Klein for two young products, and shipped a troubled defender for a (decent yet fairly unproductive) striker in Edson Buddle.

Some will say that the trades were salary dumps, in the Buddle case it was to make way for newly arriving Xavier. In the Klein case it was party due to salary dumping but it was also to get rid of a striker that would become a bit useless with the likes of Donovan, Jaqua and Buddle at the attack in the coming weeks. The weirdest of trades was in the RSL deal was letting go of U20 National Team member Nathan Sturgis, one player who would be greatly served to play along side David Beckham and Abel Xavier.

But no, out with the young and in with the old seems to be a motto for the Galaxy now. Most of the newcomers are over 30 and most of the out-goers were under 30. The logic doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. I can understand Findley leaving and even possible the dumping of Santino Quaranta later this week, but getting rid of a Nathan Sturgis doesn’t quite make a bit of sense from where the Galaxy stand.

Maybe its the fans or the front office that place such a high value on how players play in LA. Or maybe Lalas just isn’t quite the GM type. I think that may be the biggest thing. Sure getting Beckham to play for this club is a great thing for them and the league but right now you can’t say the league really wants their top prized player to play for a club that is almost in last place in the entire league standings.

I don’t think Frank Yallop is entirely to blame for this display of soccer either. Sometimes injuries can really hurt a team and when Chris Albright went down so did the Galaxy defense. Right at a time that the club was getting some momentum and got to play a couple games in a row, opposed to a game here and then a game 10 to 15 days later. In all honesty I don’t see Yallop with this club next season unless they make some crazy kind of run at the end of the season and make the MLS Cup finals.

I doubt things get any better anytime soon either for the Galaxy. A couple more home games that they should do well in (Chicago being the first game up) before the World Series of Football and SuperLiga. July is a wacky month for the Galaxy. Beckham comes over and the play competition games with some rather famous clubs. But look at the month of August. After all of that hype and glamor of playing great clubs like Chelsea and CD Guadalajara, the Galaxy will be brought back to earth when they go on a almost month long road trip across the MLS landscape.

In the end the schedule and the stupidness of the GM will have done this club in. Not the injury bug and national team call-ups. Sad really, with all the hype going into the season the club getting the most press shouldn’t have a schedule like this if you ask me. But they did ask for it and so in lies the question; does the Galaxy make the playoffs or will the end up at the bottom of the barrel?

You decide. But from the looks you already have….