Alexi Lalas Said What?!

Alexi Lalas Said What?!

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 20, 2007

Yeah, so I took a day from this news that Alexi Lalas thinks the MLS is on par with the EPL. Not because I wanted to gather my thoughts and write a well constructed article about it. No, mainly because I didn’t know then and I still don’t know now whether or not Lalas is going to look like a genius or like a total dumb ass about this.

Lalas may be the biggest “insert foot into mouth” guy in the MLS these days or even during his playing years for that matter. Then again he may also be the smartest man in the MLS today. I don’t know which it is.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for guys like Lalas who are huge MLS advocates because I am one of them too. But sometimes you just need to know when to not say anything and I don’t believe Lalas has learned that just yet. In all honest, looking at his track record I doubt he ever will learn.

I suppose we are to get used to this very thing once Beckham arrives in a month or so. It’s only fitting that a guy like Lalas would be the front man for the Galaxy organization, the very club that the biggest soccer star in the world will be joining this summer.

Is it a good thing or a bad one? Is the MLS on par with the EPL? The very questions are fairly easy to answer really.

It is a good thing to have a guy like Lalas speaking out on the MLS’s behalf but it is also a bad thing to have a guy like Lalas speak so stupidly about the MLS like this. There is no way on earth the MLS is up to par with the EPL. Again, I love the MLS and I always have since day one, but even I know where to draw a line. Plus, the styles are completely different as well as the marketing. The MLS is just now seeing itself on the national stage, the EPL has been in the world’s spotlight for many years.

Also, you can’t compare the two leagues at all yet since the MLS hasn’t even finished expanding itself across the country and filled out its projected 20 teams or so (EPL has 20 well established clubs, while the MLS has 13, and not all 13 are well established). Not to mention the MLS doesn’t have a league below it that is even compare able to the English Championship League, or English League 1 or 2.

Its basically like comparing Major League Baseball to say Triple-A or even Double-A baseball in America. Both Triple and Double-A baseball are good but they are nowhere near as good as the big leagues.

I know Lalas is just doing what he should and is standing up for the league and it’s players. Many have come over from Europe (past their prime for the most part) and failed in the MLS. I guess in a way that is where Lalas is basing his thoughts from on this subject.

I still believe in 15 years time that the MLS will be a highly respectable league in the world of soccer and a league that there are million dollar contracts for more than one or two players, much like the EPL sees everyday. The MLS just isn’t there yet Alexi.

  • J.D. Rollins

    Sure. Par.<br />
    <br />
    If FPL is playing Augusta National and MLS is playing the mini golf at Red Brick House on Harper Road.

  • J.D. Rollins

    Sure. Par.

    If FPL is playing Augusta National and MLS is playing the mini golf at Red Brick House on Harper Road.