MLS Weekend Preview

MLS Weekend Preview

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 15, 2007

It’s Friday and that only means it is time for another weekend preview. Everyone is in action except for the league’s defending champs, the Houston Dynamo. FC Dallas and Real Salt Lake will complete the double on Sunday when they play in their respective road games. Saturday’s action is pretty packed with a very eastern conference heavy schedule.

Saturday’s games:

Columbus Crew at New England Revolution – This should be an easy game for the Revs. Should, however, since the Gold Cup has raided their most valuable men it will be a little more of an interesting battle. I think New England got the luckiest of schedules during the Gold Cup and wasn’t hammered as much with most of their guys only two games that should be wins (next week they get Toronto at home).

Let’s face it, the Crew stink. They just do, but I’ve said it before when Andy Herron is on the field for the Crew they play like a much better squad. We’ve seen that before this season and in a way this is a re-match of a previous battle between these two clubs that say Andy Herron send a nasty elbow to the face of Jay Heaps, thus being suspended for four matches.

If this were at Columbus I would probably go with the Crew in a narrow escape of a victory but since its up north in Foxboro, I can honestly say the Revs will win this one. The talent is still there for the Revs compared to the Crew, even with the call-ups that the Revs are missing.

WVH Prediction: New England 2, Columbus 0

Chicago Fire at DC United: The first time I saw the Fire in person was a game at DC many, many years ago; in fact it was the expansion year for the Fire. Ah, those were better days for Fire fans weren’t they? Ah, well, still this game this weekend should be a decent one. I do think the Fire will half-way give an effort against DC. Believe it or not the Fire actually lead the all-time series between the two clubs (its very narrow though, 12 wins to 11).

However, I can’t really say that the Fire will be able to beat the United this weekend. I think DC is playing some excellent soccer these days and the Fire just aren’t. DC wasn’t raided by the Gold Cup, while the Fire was with Mapp and Guerrero leaving for their respective countries.

DC is coming off a great win last week against New York while the Fire are coming off a loss at home to Chivas. Be safe and take the home side in this one because I really don’t believe the Fire have a shot to win this game. The offense isn’t there like it is in DC’s case.

I see Emilio, Gomez and Olsen sticking their nose in this one.

WVH Prediction: DC 3, Chicago 0

Kansas City Wizards at Red Bull New York: A rematch of a game that I felt New York could have easily walked away with a draw back a couple weeks ago in KC. This one is real interesting to me and I am sure to a lot of other people too.

On one hand you have New York, a team that is slowly playing like a Jykell and Hyde as of late. The other hand KC is missing their best scorer in Eddie Johnson.

I think this is New York’s game to win here. They should be getting a couple guys back from injury or suspension, while KC is going to be looking for someone to score in the absence of EJ. Not to mention they have a little more of a chip on their shoulder coming off a loss to KC from a couple weeks ago, and from their most recent performance at DC. The road was unkind to the Red Bulls and they have proven that they are a much better home side so far this season.

Hopefully the New York crowd will come out and see this one as it should be a heck of a game. I am playing it safe and calling a draw with these two clubs. I think KC has the defense and the midfield to hold New York but I just don’t know if they have anyone to carry their offense. As for New York I believe they have the defense and the midfield to control the game. However, if they find ways to get Juan Pablo Angel involved early you can chalk up three points for the Red Bulls.

I still think KC has some things to prove to me, especially with Eddie Johnson out of the mix. They need to win to prove to a lot of people that they are worth being ranked a top club in this league. Will it happen is the biggest question.

WVH Prediction: RBNY  1, KC 1

Colorado Rapids at Chivas USA: Big time western conference matchup here. Colorado is slowly playing their way out of the top of the western conference and out of the playoff picture for that matter, while Chivas is doing the exact opposite.

I think this is a very important game for these two clubs as they both want and need the points to move up the ladder in the west. A winner will pass Houston as the second place team in the west.

Chivas is the only MLS team to not lose a game at home so far this season, going 3-0-1 in the process. Even bigger stat they have only given up one goal at home all season while scoring nine of their own. Maykel Galindo is in large to thank for that.

Colorado has been up and down and down and up and down again this season. No real consistency, they lost in their last meeting at Houston, a game they easily should and could have won. Also they will be without Kyle Beckerman, who is suspended for five yellow cards. They will get back Roberto Brown who was missing in their last couple games due to the national team duty. Getting him back should help out Herculez Gomez who has looked very distant in recent games. The Rapids really need these two to connect and get them going.

Chivas is missing some key players as well, Guzan in the goal is out, as well as Bornstein. The Goats have to control the midfield in order to win this game. I can expect a lot of pressure on the Colorado backline with Galindo running up and down the side. His speed will really be a tough cookie to crack for the Rapids defense, which is getting older by the second.

I expect Chivas to continue their streak at home. Razov and Galindo are the difference makers in a fairly well scored game.

WVH Prediction: Chivas 3, Colorado 2

Sunday’s games:

FC Dallas at Toronto FC: First meeting between the two clubs. First and only meeting this season at BMO Field as well. Dallas is coming off a very big win over RSL last night, while Toronto has had some time to think over how they lost to New York last week at home.

The win for Dallas will go two ways; one, they will continue on course and win; or two, they will have a complete let down thanks to the emotional high that they were on. Which will it be though come Sunday afternoon at BMO Field? I think its safe to say that it will be more of the first than the second. Dallas has many parts that knows how to play at a place like BMO Field. The only thing that Dallas will miss and will have problems with is the absence of Pablo Ricchetti, who was given a yellow card late in the game for a real bad call I thought…he is suspended for the game due to number of yellow cards.

If the Reds use Ricchetti’s absence to their advantage and really hammer at the Dallas midfield and defense then you can expect them to get another impressive victory at home. They are undefeated at home against western conference sides this year.

However, the international call-ups for Toronto will hurt them again as we have seen it before. I think the deciding factor will be the play of Ronnie O’Brien, the former Dallas star who probably wants a good showing against his old club (the club I think he really was eager to leave in the off season before he was sent to Toronto).

I think it is safe to say that Dallas will squeeze a draw in this one. Should be a good game to watch, any at BMO Field have been entertaining to say the very least.

WVH Prediction: FCD 1, TFC 1

Real Salt Lake at LA Galaxy: Okay, I am calling it, this will be RSL’s first win. There I said it. Why, you may ask? I think it is because of the way the game ended last night for RSL. They were very angry and really got points taken away from them. And for LA they just aren’t playing good soccer these days. Sure they get to debut Abel Xavier but does anyone really think his presence on the field will do any wonders for the Galaxy yet?

LA needs LandyCakes and the Canadians back to win this game I think, but that won’t happen by Sunday.

Both teams are in desperate need of three points, RSL is probably more desperate now than LA actually is at this point. I don’t expect good soccer in this one but I do think RSL will win.

WVH Prediction: RSL 1, LA 0
Any predictions you all have, fell free to send them my way. Enjoy the weekend of soccer everyone!

  • J.D. Rollins

    Yea, the Crew suck. Drew, we're going to the match on the 30th against RBNY for my Bachelor Party. You should come join us.

  • J.D. Rollins

    Yea, the Crew suck. Drew, we’re going to the match on the 30th against RBNY for my Bachelor Party. You should come join us.

  • Whip

    Please tell me the Crewzers aren't the "dancers" for this bachelor party.

  • Whip

    Please tell me the Crewzers aren’t the “dancers” for this bachelor party.