Thursday Night MLS Preview

Thursday Night MLS Preview

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 14, 2007

Busy night ahead of us here. I will try to do a running commentary again for this Dallas game as I did on over the past weekend with the LA game. Again, the word is try to, I can never guaranty that I will.

But enough about me, let’s talk about the task at hand, tonight’s ESPN2 Thursday Night Primetime clash between FC Dallas and Real Salt Lake.

So far this season RSL hasn’t seen a win surface in the win column while Dallas has seen their fair share. Oddly enough RSL has fewer losses than most MLS teams but, again, they can’t seem to break through on the draws and get a win. Defense for RSL has been a huge problem. Some can argue that they have the worst defense in the league when it comes to goals against (I know TFC has one more goal against, but over the full run of play RSL’s defense has been worse in my eyes). Dallas’s defense isn’t any better either, the Hoops have given up a large number of goals (17, second worst to Toronto), while RSL has given up only 14 of their own.

So in other words tonight, I don’t expect much of a defensive battle; though this would be the perfect game for it to be a 0-0 draw.

Ah, a draw, is exactly what I see happening tonight. RSL is still looking for that first win and they should have had it to begin the season against this same Dallas squad. But a bad defensive play (go figure) lead to a late second Carlos Ruiz goal to put the Hoops at 2-2 with the Stormin’ Mormons.

Dallas though will be without their best strikers as Ruiz is off with his country-men in the Gold Cup and Kenny Cooper is at home nursing a broken leg (damn you Tyrone Marshall). Thankfully RSL doesn’t own too many top flight goal scorers of their own. Alecko Eskcardarian may pose a threat as he normally tends to do with Freddy Adu pushing on the wing, as well as Chris Klein.

I think somehow Dallas steps up and comes away with another point like they did to begin the season in Salt Lake City. It hopefully won’t be in the same fashion as that first game but I do see some goals. Abe Thompson has always been a thorn in the RSL side and I expect Juan Carlos Toja to continue his impressive form on the attacking side. Its a big chance for guys on Dallas’s side to step up in the absence of Cooper and Ruiz. Will they do it is the more pressing issue.

RSL, the win will come, but (I hope at least) tonight won’t be the case.

Expect a draw and expect some crappy commentating on the side of ESPN.

WVH Prediction: RSL 2, FCD 2