Running Thoughts FCD-RSL

Running Thoughts FCD-RSL

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 14, 2007

Looks as though I will be able to do some running thoughts about tonight’s game. Things are about to get under way here shortly.

Be sure to post your thoughts of the game as your are watching it or after the game..

Okay…looks like Stone is back in the booth with Wynalda and Smyth. Any chance that I mute the TV? Yeah, more than likely as the first talk of the Hoops is based around Toja and his wild hair. Under-over for the night on the number of times Stone and crew talk about Toja’s hair…umm…I am thinking 5.

They also start off with the clip of Eddie Pope announcing his retirement from soccer after this season. Good work Pope, just too bad that your last season will be a dreadful one with this club. How come he can’t pull what most players in other leagues in the US do at the end of their career and try to get put on a contender that could actually win a championship? I guess there are too many legalities with that in the MLS.

Does anyone find Allen Hopkins worthless on ESPN’s broadcast as a sideline reporter? Sure he is ten times better than Brandi Chastain, but I always cringe a little bit when he comes on.

A 4-3-3 for RSL. Dallas in the 4-5-1….I have to say I really like this lineup though.

FCD in the road grays, which are absolutely dreadful to look at. I am actually a fan of RSL’s colors and kits, I don’t think most people really like it. It’s probably because most people hate the name of the club.

2nd min. – Early run of play by Dallas…lots of Toja talk by the ESPN lads…already annoyed with them…

~~ Interesting stat…three of RSL’s seven goals have come against Dallas this season….just thought I’d throw that out

6th min. – No real possession for either team…might would say Dallas is getting the better of the play…the turf is going to play a major factor in this game.

8th min. – Arty Alvarez takes a first crack on goal…waaay wide.

~~ Mention of the Cooper – Marshall play from last weekend. A couple replays and it is still nasty.

10th min. – RSL getting some decent run of play now as they settle in the game. But they again get called offside and give the ball back to Dallas.

~~ Decent looking crowd at Rice-Eccles Stadium. Aside from the nasty turf on the field I like this stadium for this club. But I gotta say I am excited for the new stadium when it opens in a couple years. All the photos of it are amazing I think. As far as tonight’s crowd, again, sounds good…lots of drumming and what nots. Always nice to hear a vocal crowd, even if it is just a couple dudes banging on a drum.

13th min. – First corner of the game. Dallas gets a nice ball into the box and Moor gets a head on it but it is well over the bar.

15th min. – Alecko has a nice crack at the net but Freddy Adu is wide open…I mean wide open. No play to Freddy and he is pissed. Probably should be but I can’t blame Alecko for taking a crack at the net, it was a solid strike that Sala had to punch away.

18th min. – Good run of play for Dallas. Odoro on the win gets a little physical to get around Forko, he then finds Alvarez who takes a very nice strike on net. Rimando gets down and makes a nice save.

20th min. – Alvarez again takes another good strike on net. RSL is leaving Alvarez far too open to look at the net. Ballouchy later clears the ball on a bicycle kick…total waste of an effort to clear the ball like that if you ask me, no one was around him and he just gave the ball away like that.

22nd min. – Looks like Rimando will save RSL tonight more than he should. Alvarez again gets through and almost sneaks one by Rimando. Forko is getting burned on that wing.

~~ Random shot of some kid in the crowd. I have to say that was a waste of 10 seconds. I don’t care how cute the kid is.

~~ Dallas is getting a lot of possession here in this half. I have to agree with Wynaldo though about Adu, he needs to be on the wing and not in the middle. The couple times I’ve seen him play in person he is so much more dangerous out wide than in the middle.

28th min. – Thompson getting into the mix for Dallas. Lot of shots of Rimando so far this half…not a good sign for RSL.

29th min. – Freddy takes a ball to the face…ouch. He is down and not moving…okay he is up…that took all of 20 seconds. Now we get a jump ball…I mean a dropped ball…or whatever it is called…sportsmanship on RSL’s part and the ball gets back to Sala.

~~ Don Garber talking expansion. He throws in Atlanta for the first time in years. Wow. He really knows how to spin things and get people talking. No Las Vegas by the way….hmmmm…notice he also said 16 teams by 2010 or (now) 2011?
36th min. – RSL gets some hard work on the left side with Adu, but Dallas breaks him down very nicely. Then the Hoops come down and Alvarez gets another open look but Rimando makes the save.
~~ 9 shots to 1 in favor of Dallas right now…wow. I thought a 4-3-3 was built to bring the attack.

~~ Oh the 1996 MLS Cup Flashback…those were the days for Eddie Pope…

42nd min. – More run of play by Dallas as the half nears the end. I don’t know who this tie effects more. Dallas has had the better play and chances, while RSL hasn’t done really anything noteworthy on Dallas’s goal.

No real possession for RSL as the half ends. Dallas has look like the better side for the most of the game. Yi gets a card as the half ends on a foul against Adu. So far it is still looking like a draw for the rest of the game since Dallas can’t find that play that fully breaks the RSL defense, and RSL can’t seem to find the possession to break Dallas’s run of play.

Oh the Yellow-Card/Red-Card segment. Game ball to Benny Olsen for his hat trick last week. Linonel Messi’s Maradona recall is his yellow card…and Blanco’s red card in Gold Cup is the red card….at least it was all soccer related this week but I still feel this is a waste of time for the two minutes they give Wynalda. I believe if they added some more to the segment it would be worth having.

Second Half starts…Andy Williams on for RSL for Lancos who had a very un-noticeable game.

~~ Both teams with some early chances with both keepers making big time saves. Sala’s may be the best on the reaction save against Alecko.

54th min. – RSL looks like a more determined team this half. Loads of midfield play and possession early on, really testing the Dallas defense that could be tiring and wearing out. Gbandi saves Dallas and gives up a RSL corner. But Dallas wins it out and its out for a RSL throw.

56th min. – Odoro shows his speed and skill, breaks down the wing and cracks a nice shot at Rimando, and its out for a corner. But the two chances for Dallas go over the bar.

~~ The pace is really picking up in this game right now. Lot of fun to watch as both teams are really taking it to one another.

~~ Six corners now for Dallas and I have to say each of them have been a bit off. No real creativity in the box by the Hoops. I’d like to see someone on the back post camping out.

60th min. – If I am Steve Morrow, I am guessing that McCarty will probably be going in soon to get some more offense on the field. Maybe Nunez but I think at this point I would want McCarty.

~~ Speaking of creativity, that is something missing from RSL these days. Freddy has some but he isn’t able to use any of it. I keep saying they need a solid central midfielder to control the game for them.

66th min. – Possession shows Dallas at 66%…that’s fair I would say. Though a lot of it is going nowhere at this point. You can tell this because the commentators are talking about other teams in the league…mainly about the LA Galaxy. Even though they suck they are still in the headlines. Abel Xavier will debut for them this weekend. A shot of Posh Spice throwing out a first pitch at a baseball game in LA. Wow…just wow….that bad.
68th min. – Chris Brown on for RSL now. Their second sub of the game.

70th min. – Esky and Saragosa slightly get into it. Gotta love Esky’s passion in the game. I think both were very lucky to not get yellows but very well handled by the officials.

~~ Yeah I think its about time for Dallas to make some subs. Two games this week they need some fresh legs for Sunday’s game.

72th min. – Esky gets a yellow. Mouthing off I guess.

~~ More talk about the Salt Lake Stadium…I agree though, the lines and the turf are dreadful.

73th min. – Hard foul on Esky. Freddy comes to his defense and gets pissy with Yi and Goodson. Think FCD should bring in Bobby Rhine for Yi at this point…or maybe Wags.

75th min. – Sala comes way out and makes a diving save but gets on the end of Chris Brown’s shoes. Sala milks this like he always does.

~~ This game still looks like a draw as Dallas is taking the foot off the peddle and are looking for the draw right now. But a goal will easily win this for whoever. I don’t see a team coming back if someone scores at this point. I know that sounds stupid but just the way this game is going though it just seems that way.

80th min. – Still no subs for Dallas. Maybe Morrow really has nothing on his bench worth going to tonight…but with the way they are playing they look like they just want a single point and not three.

82nd min. – Sala may end up with the player of the game nod from me and everyone else. Nice save again on  Adu.

83rd min. – First Dallas sub…McCarty on for Thompson. Good sub. Dax’s last game before the US U20’s World Cup in Canada.

85th min. – Dallas gets a nice break again from Odoro and Alvarez. But an offside call on Toja at the end of the play almost puts it home for Dallas. Rimando made a big time stop though on that play. Kind of forgot about Alvarez in this half…he was mighty quiet.

87th min. – Dangerous spot for a set piece for Dallas. McCarty over it for Dallas. But a very, very weak kick wastes the chance for Dallas.

89th min. – Looks like Kries gets the boot from the game over a no-call on Harris on a break away but it was a good call. Nice to see some fire in the eyes of the RSL manager. Boy this really changes the way the game will go for now on.

90+ min. – Ricchetti gets a card for running into a guy from RSL. Horrible call. No real reason to give a card for that, plus he gave it a minute after the play.

90+ min. – Odoro sneaks one through in the late stages of the game to give Dallas three points. Wow. Great goal on the game, very similar to a goal that Abe Thompson scored in the late stages of a game with Salt Lake last year. Wow. Oh yeah, Odoro gets carded for taking off his shirt.

~~ Finally a shutout for Dallas. Wow. A sigh of relief and the crowd cannot be pleased but FC Dallas is now atop of the MLS standings with 22 points. Dallas again, goes to Salt Lake and scores a late goal to get the points from RSL. Great run of play for Dallas to sneak in that goal at the end. Steve Morrow has to be pleased with the way his club played tonight. Kreis must be furious with the way things turned out because that very well should have been a point for his club tonight.