Rumor Mill Alert – Buddle to LA

Rumor Mill Alert – Buddle to LA

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 13, 2007

Oh the team that can’t stop trading is figuring out once again that they have trade bait and they aren’t afraid to use it. Yes, I am once again talking about Toronto FC being in a trade rumor for about the 50th time this season. Sadly enough that is probably no exaggeration either.

Apparently talks in Toronto and out of LA are that Edson Buddle will be shipped to LA for a defender (and probably a draft pick). We don’t know at this time which LA defender will be shipped out in this deal but it makes you really wonder who it will be since the Galaxy has some injured defenders (Chris Albright, Troy Rogers, Ian Russel), some suspended ones (Tyrone Marshall) and some missing now to international callups (Ante Jazic).

This is probably a move to clear a way for incoming Abel Xavier who is now training with the club. It is also a move to improve their dreaded offense who can’t seem to score consistently with or without Landon Donovan.

Who will be shipped though? Possibly Jazic since he is Canadian but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if LA just trades a couple draft picks and maybe some allocation. Right now the Galaxy is a little too banged up to let anyone go.

But will this be a good move? Yes. For both clubs really. LA as we all know need another proven attacker. Buddle may not be proven enough for some folks but he will be better off in LA than by the lake in Toronto where he is now taking a back seat to the Dichio-Cunningham combo. Again, the Reds are using a player like Buddle as trade bait because they know teams like LA would be calling for him. Depending on what LA gives up in this you have to think Toronto is doing a good thing. Either building for the future (in getting draft picks) or making a serious playoff push (getting a defender like a Jazic).

Just how bad does LA need another striker? I will let you all weigh in on this.