MLS Power Rankings

MLS Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 12, 2007

Not a lot of change in the top of the pack, nor at the bottom of the table for that matter. A little tough to do rankings with so many players missing and some teams not being in action at all over the past week. But, those that were made their mark in some fashion, while other failed to live up to any hype.

Ranking (last week’s) – Team (points)

1. (1) Kansas City Wizards (19 pts.) – No change here as the Wizards didn’t play a single game this week. Big test this weekend in New York coming up. I believe the Red Bulls will be mighty hungry to avenge a loss from a couple weeks ago. Very dangerous game for the Wizards, who will be without Johnson. If they find ways to control the game and control the midfield then they could walk with three points. If not, I don’t see more than a point from this game, which would still be very big.

2. (3) New England Revolution (18 pts.) – This is kind of a 2a and 2b kind of thing with New England and New York. I would have had the same as last week if New York had won their game or tied their game with DC. New England, however, got lucky since they were off and so was New York on Sunday. In a way they get a slight break with Columbus coming to town. I will be very interested to see how into this game they will be with the Crew. They need three points no matter what I think.

2. (2) Red Bull New York (20 pt.) – Not the best of weeks for the Red Bulls. Sure they got three points in Toronto but they were vastly outplayed by the Reds at BMO Field and then they were dominated by DC on Sunday. Another big game for them against the Wizards coming up. They should know they need three points in this game to stay up in the table in the east. Not to mention they need to show that last week was just a one week deal with the way they played. Eight goals in the last three is more than their first eight games. Guess those injuries are starting to catch up with them.

4. (5) DC United (14 pts.) – Statement win on Sunday for the Black-and-Red. Love Ben Olsen’s quote after the game that “the sun shins on a dog’s ass every once and a while”. I expect DC to continue their run of play this weekend as they host a reeling Chicago club. Another win would just congest the top of the eastern table even more than it already is.

5. (6) FC Dallas (19 pt.) – I don’t know if they are the biggest winners of the week or the biggest losers of the week with the loss of Kenny Cooper. Nasty challenge from Tyrone Marshall in a game that was already lost for the Galaxy. But on a brighter note, the Hoops were able to muster three goals without Cooper being apart of any of them. Two games this week that are very dangerous for the Hoops. RSL on the road (a team that hasn’t won yet) and Toronto on the road in a very tough place. I think the Hoops would be more than happy with two points this week.

6. (8) Houston Dynamo (16 pt.) – Their luck is finally changing and somehow it is coming when most of their stars are gone. Weird. Needless to say the addition of Joseph Ngwenya has been great for the Dynamo. Three goals in three games for the kid. Good to finally see him show his worth. A great time for the Dynamo to make their mark in the west (which they are still undefeated against this season). They are the lone team off this coming week, which is probably even better for them.

7. (4) Colorado Rapids (15 pts.) – Biggest loser of the week. I thought they could have easily won the game in Houston but Bouna can’t save them all. A big challenge coming up this weekend as they travel to LA to play a very up and coming Chivas squad. They are starting to look like they really need Roberto Brown more than ever out there. Hopefully the play of Terry Cooke will turn around, they really need him to be on his game to send in balls to Gomez and the lads.

8. (9) CD Chivas USA (14 pts.) – Good win on the road in Chicago. The midfield is slowly coming together, the defense is improving game-by-game, and the offense is still clicking. The west needs to be cautious against this club because they could very well sneak up and end up winning it I think. Colorado coming into town will be the next club to have to realize this in the west. They could be looking at second place after this weekend if they beat Colorado.

9. (8) Toronto FC (10 pt.) – You think they will continue winning and beat a real quality club and then the next thing you know their defense has a brain fart for two minutes and loses a game. Again, they should be sitting at 13 points and smiling that they beat one of the best clubs in the league. They get a chance at beating one of the best the west has to offer this Sunday when they host Dallas. I think Dallas may be alright in the hostile nature that is BMO Field with all the foreign players on their roster but I think the Reds could very easily walk with three points in this one.

10. (10) Chicago Fire (14 pts.) – Think Blanco is having second thoughts about coming to Chicago? I know I would if I were him but I am not. Still no real sign of life against a quality club. Sarachan’s seat continues to get hotter and I don’t see it cooling off anytime soon. A win at DC would be a great start though. Cool off one of the hottest teams in the league would be a major boost. I just don’t see it happening here though.

11. (11) Columbus Crew (8 pt.) – I think really from here until the bottom club they are all equally bad. Columbus still cannot find offense and their defense isn’t any better these days either. Tough game ahead at New England this weekend. They are a bit lucky that New England will be without some key players but I don’t know if it will matter.

12. (12) LA Galaxy (6 pt.) – Still playing bad and injuries and call-ups keep hurting this club more and more. Didn’t play horrible at Dallas but didn’t play great either. Their bench is thinning too with the possible suspension to Tyrone Marshall. Help could be on the way as Abel Xavier may be able to suit up for the Galaxy this Sunday as they host fellow bottom dweller RSL. Will it matter though is the bigger question.

12. (12) Real Salt Lake (6 pt.) – Didn’t drop them since they didn’t play. I think I would have dropped LA if anyone was to be the bottom team but since RSL hasn’t won a game yet (other than exhibitions and US Open Cups) so they couldn’t be ranked higher than LA. Get it? Yeah, so anyways, I think this is the week RSL finally gets out of the loss column and the tie column for that matter and scores three points. FC Dallas come to town on Thursday and they travel to LA on Sunday. There has to be points in those two games somewhere. But don’t be shocked if it all ends up being two points from draws.