Cooper Out 8 Weeks With Broken Leg

Cooper Out 8 Weeks With Broken Leg

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 10, 2007

Kenny Cooper has suffered a broken tibia courtesy of a Tyrone Marshall tackle late in the game against Los Angeles. Initial estimate from the doctors at Pizza Hut Park is the Hoops striker will be out eight weeks.

This comes right at the end of the Hoops commanding 3-1 victory over the Galaxy. Marshall received a straight red card for the tackle. This is the third broken leg suffered on a tackle by a player in FC Dallas history, the first two Ronnie O’Brien and Brandon Pollard, at the hands of Dema Kovalenko.

“I feared the worst when I saw and heard the tackle,” said FC Dallas head coach Steve Morrow. “Kenny’s a guy that fights through those things and I knew it was serious when he couldn’t continue. So, its takes the shine off a good night for us and a good win. The thoughts of us and all the players right now are with Kenny. We’re obviously devastated for him and it’s a big loss for the whole team as well.”

Dallas is now desperately short on strikers with experience as Carlos Ruiz remains with Guatemala for the Gold Cup and Kenny Cooper now joining Roberto Mina on the inured list. Perhaps this injury will accelerate the possible addition of the young Brazilian striker Ricardinho from Atletico Paranaense.

It remains to be seen how long Marshall will be suspended for as it was a very nasty tackle that caused this injury. Many off the Dallas coaches were raged by the foul as it happened close to their bench. It looks like it was a bad attempt at winning the ball, I really felt Marshall had no chance at the ball. To make matters worse he was arguing his case with the ref over the card and the foul. I never really like calling for multi-game suspensions but that foul warrants one I believe.

As I stated last night it was a horrible way for Dallas to end a game as they were playing very well. The foul on Cooper was certainly uncalled for on Marshall’s part as his team was well out of the game by the time the foul happened in the 89th minute. Eight weeks is a long time but thankfully for the Hoops their season schedule will start to take a bit of a nosedive as the summer months kick up thanks to SuperLiga and other events going on. Dallas has five games between now and August, unfortunate four of those games are on the road.