Weekend MLS Preview

Weekend MLS Preview

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 8, 2007

Just finished watching the Houston – Colorado game from last night a second time through. I can honestly say it was one of the more boring games of the season. Houston some how is undefeated against the western clubs this season still while Colorado continues their horrible streak on the road.

I loved the additions in the second half by Houston though. That added some life to the game that was already fairly dull. Stuart Holdin’s strike may have been one of the better goals from a Dynamo this season, in fact it may rival for goal of the week this week too. Very well struck ball, anyone who knows anything about striking a ball will tell you that Holdin got a lot on that strike because Buona had no chance even though he did get a piece of it.

Sad to see ESPN go back to the O’Brien/Wynalda/Smyth trio in the booth. I don’t know if it was the games rather dullness already or these three together, plus throw in the fact that ESPN/ABC felt it was necessary to bump the game back 15 minutes in favor of an even more boring NBA Finals game.

Nice to see the Red card/yellow card segment back, however, it was its usual wasteful self. Seriously, I don’t want to ever see back to back red cards to Roger Clemens during a soccer game segment like this. Does anyone else find this to be a total waste when he doesn’t talk soccer during this as I do?

Anyways, Houston won, Colorado continues to stink up the joint (boy is their midfield off these days). This weekend had some action, two games each day this weekend. A couple of good ones too that I am rather interested in seeing.

Saturday’s game:

LA Galaxy at FC Dallas: I will p lay master of the obvious here with this one and say both teams need a win here. LA is missing their prized golden child in Landon Donovan and some Canadians due to the Gold Cup; while Dallas is missing Ruiz and a couple injured guys.

In all honesty this game does not shake up well for the Galaxy who are already on their own path of horrible soccer. Take away Landon and the Canadians (who have played fairly well in defense and in the middle for them), and the fact that the Galaxy doesn’t play well on the road to begin with and you will have a bad luck drawn all over this one. However, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we see LA play their best ball of the season tomorrow because of this all too. No disrespect to Dallas but, I could see it happen.

Dallas needs to get Kenny Cooper out of his funk that he is in right now. The midfield also needs Ramon Nunez to play better. If those two play well for Dallas tomorrow then they will have no problem beating the Galaxy. They already did it once this season on the road and should have no trouble doing so at home.

Dallas needs a win to stay a float in the west, while the Galaxy need a win to get out of the league cellar with RSL.

I think the home field advantage will play a part as well as the amount of players missing for the Galaxy. Other than the MLS Cup two years ago, the Galaxy have never won at Pizza Hut Park. I don’t see that trend ending tomorrow.

WVH Prediction: FC Dallas 2, LA Galaxy 0

Chivas USA at Chicago Fire: I have to say this may be the most interesting matchup for me this weekend. I want to see just how Chivas responds after some time off and how Chicago respond to a win.

In all honesty I see this shaping up to be a draw. Both teams are missing some key players but I think Chicago is missing more keys to their attack and defense than Chivas. Chivas will be able to plug the holes better than the Fire will.

Chivas has had success at Toyota Park before but I don’t know if it will be enough to muster out three points. I don’t think Chicago really has the fire power to get goals against Chivas unless they find ways to eat at the midfield of the Goats. If Chris Rolfe plays then the Fire should be able to win but if not I see a draw right now.

Expect Barrett to may get a goal and probably Galindo to do so as well. The Fire really have to be careful with Galindo, if he does anything like he did to FC Dallas a couple weeks ago then it will be a long evening for the Fire.

WVH Prediction: Chicago 1, Chivas 1

Sunday’s Games:

Red Bull New York at DC United: Oh the Atlantic Cup renewed here. I don’t think New York fears the United anymore and I think DC has to respect the Red Bulls run of play now. Both teams got 2-1 victories in a tough place up in Toronto so I can’t base anything on this prediction from those games. I know that is childish but I had to mention it.

How DC defends Angel will dictate whether or not the Black-and-Red win this match. Toronto did a decent job defending him early on but one free kick turned deadly against him. DC cannot give up freebies to Angel or even to Altidore.

If this game were on a neutral site or even in New York I would easily go with the Red Bulls but since it is in DC I honesty see a draw. Its nothing against the United, I think they have been playing very well lately too but I think the Red Bulls are just that much better right now.

I feel safe going with a draw in this one but it should and could very well be the best game this weekend has to offer.

WVH Prediction: RBNY 2, DCU 2
Houston Dynamo at Columbus Crew: Houston found a way to win last night against a boring Colorado team and now they go back on the road where they are horrible against eastern conference sides. Columbus is coming off a game that they actually scored more than once but loss. So what gives?

Houston showed that they really aren’t missing a lot due to the Gold Cup and I think that is a very important thing. They know they can win no matter what now and that is a dangerous thing that I think they will take with them into Columbus.

I question their energy levels though going into this game. Last night’s game was very humid and muggy and I am sure they are spent from the game. Columbus won’t be as humid on Sunday. It will be hot but not muggy like it was in Houston.

Houston’s midfield should be the key in this game. If they control the pace of the game then they will win. However if they let Columbus play their game (like they usually do at home) then it will turn into a rather interesting affair. Columbus has to win this game to get out of the bunker in the east. A win will only help Houston out in the west and even move them into second place.

I am going out on a limb though with this one and taking the Crew. Sigi’s job is on the line and his club should be fighting for it. Schelotto shows his class and scores a winner. Hell the Crew may even score off a corner kick…okay, I know, that was too much, because that won’t happen.

WVH Prediction: Columbus 2, Houston 1


J.D. Rollins
  • Jun 9 2007
That's what I like to see. You know, to me it's funny, Sigi's job is on the line, yet everyone here still loves him. Then again, his name isn't Tressell, Matta or Hitchcock, so no one here knows him.
J.D. Rollins
  • Jun 9 2007
That's what I like to see. You know, to me it's funny, Sigi's job is on the line, yet everyone here still loves him. Then again, his name isn't Tressell, Matta or Hitchcock, so no one here knows him.