TFC – RBNY In-game Thoughts

TFC – RBNY In-game Thoughts

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 6, 2007

Looks as though we are blessed with the MSG broadcast here tonight. Nice preview of the game and the two teams.

~~ Second game in Toronto where the road broadcast team does the game from a studio, thankfully JP and Shep are so much better than the duo from Altitude. Plus it sounds like MSG turned up the natural sound from the crowd a bit more than the Altitude broadcast had. Sounds a little better.

~~ Good early play from both clubs. Alitdore almost gets through but his shot is well over.

~~ TFC crowd filling in nicely as they always do here as we are about 13 minutes in.

~~ Nice comments about Cunningham and working with Dichio. I really think that Cunningham will get a goal tonight against New York. Also I loved the fact that JP said that Cunningham will have an effect on his play saying that he will love having 20,000 people at his home games. I can’t think of the last time that Cunningham had a good solid home other than maybe Columbus for those early years.

~~ Fun clips of Mo Johnston from yesteryear.

~~ Good chance from TFC, Dichio picks off a bad pass and almost makes New York pay by dissing it off to a wide open Andy Welsh. Just a bad one timer from Welsh goes wide. Welsh comes back moments later with another nice cross, but he couldn’t find Dichio with the ball.

~~ Lots of early possession here from the Reds. Lots of wing play from O’Brien and Welsh, and even Wynne getting some runs down the wing.

~~ Cunningham SCORES! Told ya, 94th career goal for Cunningham. Welsh is playing very, very well right now as he feeds Cunningham. I think Cunningham will really start to like Welsh and O’Brien dissing him the ball from the wings now. All it takes is one and Cunningham has found it.

~~ Corner now for New York….love the party streamers from the crowd on that goal-line. Very festive atmosphere there I believe. And New York gets nothing from it…

~~ Very few touches from Angel so far as we are about 25 minutes in.

~~ Few minutes pass with little to talk about. Brief viewing of how tall Dichio is compared to Reyna. Also mention of the last time the Red Bulls gave up the first goal, it was a loss to Colorado earlier this season. Could thunder strike again against the Red Bulls?

~~ Schopp with the first card of the game. Nasty tackle from behind on Welsh. I agree with that card, and with the way the ref has handled this game so far. No real bad calls yet.

~~ Shep keeps talking about the damn seagulls at BMO Field. Dear Lord…are things returning to Metrostar days in his mind from watching this team play or something. Bringing up crap like that only means you think the club you are commentating on is sucking and I don’t think New York is really sucking right now. They just aren’t getting enough chances.

~~ First bad no call of the game. Could have very well been a PK for TFC too. I think it was Mendes with the foul that wasn’t called.

~~ First half is almost over here…New York isn’t looking great but they aren’t playing horribly here. Toronto is looking very hungry out there. They don’t wanna give up anything stupid here…

~~ Good chance for New York on a corner. Angel can’t get on top of the ball and get it in the wide open net. Shaky moments late in the half for the Reds.

~~ First half ends…Toronto with the 1-0 lead. I believe it was a solid half for the Reds. Johnston probably would have been happy with his club if it had been still 0-0 at half. No shots on target for the Red Bulls while TFC has two shots on target. Couple corners for each club so the chances have been there but more so for the home side. During the half you would hear the crowd scream that it was their house. It is looking more true by the game up there.

~~ New York getting a lot of early possession in the second half. Couple early corners. I think the crowd is getting a little restless early on with the loads of possession from the Red Bulls. Good corners but no goals from any of them. Johnston can’t be happy with the play. Lots of wing play as well from the Red Bulls, taking a page out of the Reds play book in how they played in the first half.

~~ If New York can score here in the early stages of the second half then they will probably win this game. If not they will have to push and push a lot late to get the draw. Toronto is pushed far back into their own defensive third.

~~ More scary stuff from the Red Bulls. A couple more corners but still no solid chance for the Red Bulls to score.

~~ Hour mark in the game and Toronto is finally showing some life in the second half. Ronnie O’Brien is so dangerous on the wing. Nifty move to beat Reyna on the wing and almost sent in a nice chance in the box.

~~ New York finally gets a good chance at net with Altidore. He tried to go low to the far post and got a great pass from Van Den Bergh. But great save by the Toronto keeper. First real chance and it makes you wonder if there is now more to come.

~~ 63 minutes in and the Red Bulls have nine corners…seven in this half alone so far. The chances are getting there for the Red Bulls.

~~ Great chance for Dichio in the box but he couldn’t get the right boot on it. Right now Toronto is slowly making their mark in this half.

~~ Dangerous play on Boyens against Atlidore. Beautiful angel for a nice free kick. A couple guys on the ball. Beautiful strike and Angel scores! 1-1 game now! Keeper totally blinded by his own wall. So 20 minutes left and its a 1-1 game.

~~ Minutes later Angel scores again off a bad pass in the back. Sixth goal of the season. Wow. This game has turned on a dime here. Schopp now comes off for Parke. New York going defensive now…

~~ Couple corners from the Reds now in the 74th minute. Almost dangerous set pieces here. Wouldn’t be surprised if Johnston goes to Buddle here soon and put three up top.

~~ More good chances from TFC. But nothing is coming from it.

~~ John “Don’t Call me Taylor Hicks” Wolyneic comes on for Jozy Alitdore. Decent game for the kid but didn’t really create or produce anything worth talking about.

~~ Big chance late for Toronto in the 88th minute. Nothing comes of it…looks as though this is how things will finish up.

~~ This game is turning out just like the DC-TFC from a couple weeks ago. Toronto goes up early and then lets the road side back in it with some unlucky goals. To the credit of the Djekanovic, he had no chance on the free kick and was just unlucky on the second goal.

~~ New York wins the game thanks to Juan Pablo Angel, who is quickly looking like the league’s MVP so far this season. Big victory on the road for the Red Bulls. Toronto drops their third home game this season by a one goal margin. Big character win for the Red Bulls. They showed loads of heart and hustle. That second half was a bunch of fun to watch. Toronto played well but the second half was the telling story of the Reds, couldn’t get the possession that they had in the first half. New York took advantage and won. Good, solid game, lot of fun to watch.
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