FC Dallas To Get Ricardinho On Loan

FC Dallas To Get Ricardinho On Loan

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 6, 2007

As reported on 3rddegree.net earlier today, FC Dallas has confirmed that they are in negotiations with their sister club to the south in Brazil, Atletico Paranaense to bring 19 year old striker Ricardinho to Dallas at least through the end of the season and possibly longer.

The speculation surrounding the deal rests on if the Hoops can one get the deal done with their partner club and two, if they have to put Roberto Mina on the injure reserve for the rest of the season. Head coach Steve Morrow was very careful in how he talked about Mina’s ACL injury and surgery in Argentina.

“The facts are that Roberto had a torn ACL repaired in Argentina.  The facts are from us, when he went down there, and the assessment we did on him, was we were going to do a scope on his knee to repair some damage to his meniscus.  He also had that repaired in the surgery down there, but they also informed us that they found a torn ACL and they repaired it.  From our point of view, he had two separate MRIs here with two completely different doctors, one not tied to FC Dallas.  Both of those guys agreed on the same diagnosis, that there was slight damage to his meniscus and we should do a scope to repair it.  We had those photos down there so they could look at them again and I will tell you the MRI pictures are the same one that Roberto had with him in Argentina and that there’s no way there was a tear to the ACL.  So that’s what our doctors told us here.  After he had the ACL repaired in Argentina, we had another doctor look at the same MRIs just to get another opinion, a very reputable doctor in the country, and he told us in his opinion the ACL was not torn. Those are the facts gentlemen.”

According to Morrow, Ricardinho will arrive in Dallas at the end of this week on a tourist visa.  Then early next week, if Mina is placed on season IR, the Hoops will file the paperwork for a P1 work visa for Ricardinho. Sometimes that process takes longer than people might think. It could be up to three weeks until anyone will see Ricardinho in a Hoops jersey.

In my opinion this is a solid deal for the Hoops, showing that partnerships with clubs can be pulled off. Now I honestly don’t know a whole lot about Ricardinho but I do know that he was heavily looked at by the Hoops during their pre-season matches. I do know he is a member of the Brazilian U17 national team. It looks good that FC Dallas is looking to replace Mina and get some production out of it. The training over the next couple of weeks will be interesting if this deal gets worked out.