Extratime an extra waste?

Extratime an extra waste?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 6, 2007

Well, I wasn’t expect to post before the TFC-RBNY  game tonight but I just felt like it. I just sat through another edition of MLSnet’s Extratime. While I like Shep Messing and Greg Lalas, I really find this six minute program to be a total waste.

However, I don’t know if it is more of a waste then the short-lived Red-Card/Yellow-Card segment that ESPN was giving Eric Wynalda.

I think the biggest reason why I see both of these segments or programs as a waste it because of the length each are given. Wynalda’s is a given that it was too short and it was mostly a 40 second segment to let Eric bitch and complain about someone he didn’t like or give a “game ball” to someone he thought was doing well. In all honesty it was a decent thought segment that really needed more to it to really get people interested.

As for the Extratime program on the league’s website, I think it has potential to do well. Like I said I like Lalas and Messing and they work alright together. In all honesty, the program is poorly edited and poorly produced. The content is usually alright but everything else is a little junior varsity to me. I say that in mean it just doesn’t seem like it should be something the league wants to show people to represent itself with.

I think adding more content to it would vastly do wonders for it. More segments on it and possibly a real host with Shep and Greg giving their insights. I think that would improve its over all content and value.

So I pose this to you all. Is this program a waste? Something the league’s site should just write off and not continue to do? Or is it something that is alright the way it is? Or does it need some tweaking to improve it and be the full product that it should be?