MLS Power Rankings

MLS Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 5, 2007

Another week in the book. Lots of changes due to lots of changes in how teams are playing. Expect even more into the next couple weeks with the Gold Cup being played and major impact players being missed.

1. (2) Kansas City Wizards (19 pts.) – Yes I am finally sold on this club being a legitimate contender in the east. Two straight wins over very good clubs have given me no reason to knock on this club anymore unless it is about their pathetic attendance figures. The biggest test however will be how this team responds without Eddie Johnson over the next couple weeks. If the US goes deep into the Gold Cup (like I think they will) then the Wizards will be without EJ for the next (possibly) three games which include trips to New York and Columbus and a visit from Houston. Major test time for the Wizards.

2. (1) Red Bull New York (17 pt.) – I think the Red Bulls were a bit screwed over on that red card to Mathis. Just my feelings even though I am not a Mathis fan. Despite all of that they still looked like a team that would steal a point or two from the Wizards. The fact still remains, Clint Mathis gets carded more than he produces on the field. This is a team that has a tough stretch coming up with visits to Toronto (tomorrow) and DC (Saturday). Major week for the Red Bulls to get some points. I think four points and maybe even three would be good enough.

3. (2) New England Revolution (18 pts.) – Showed that sometimes you need luck to win games and score goals against RSL over the weekend. I don’t buy into the fact that they slept through that game and took the point at home. Still though they need to get the three points when they can to stay a float in the top of the standings. Major test time as well for them without Ralston and Twellman. Might only be without them for two games with Columbus (should be three) and Toronto (maybe three since its at home).

4. (3) Colorado Rapids (15 pts.) – Bouna is the most under rated keeper in the league. That game in Toronto should have very well been a 4 or 5 goal game for the Reds but Bouna time only keep it a one goal game. The time now is to get points with the way the Hoops have been playing. Oddly enough it seems like the Rapids need Dallas to play well so they play well. When the two are both on top of their game they are both winning. When they both stink they both lose. Weird.

5. (6) DC United (11 pts.) – Draw with LA was kind of a bore to me. Beating New York this weekend will put them atop with the league’s best once again. Anything less will keep this club in low end seed for the playoffs. The time is theirs to get the points they need though.

6. (5) FC Dallas (16 pt.) – Slowly dropping back down the charts here. I am glad I don’t get motion sickness as a fan here because the Hoops are up and then down and then up and then back down. They lose Ruiz for the Gold Cup but they honestly won’t miss him. The Galaxy come into town this weekend with almost nothing to their name with Landon Donovan and a few Canadians off for the Gold Cup. It should be three points at home….should.

8. (9) Toronto FC (10 pt.) – Hard to believe in their last five they only have one loss and it was in a game that they should have very easily won. Nice win against Colorado this weekend. I still would like to know the extent of why Kevin Goldthwaite got red carded. Probably the worst call I have seen since it didn’t spur any fight or anything between the two clubs. A win at home tomorrow with New York would do wonders for the club though, more so it would do wonders for Mo Johnston. I think a win over his former side would mean a lot.

8. (8) Houston Dynamo (10 pt.) – I couldn’t move this club really any higher just yet. I believe they are losing too much for the Gold Cup and it will cause some more damage. I think you will see why Thursday night with Colorado coming into town. Oddly enough they are playing very well against the western clubs. Three wins and a draw against them so far.

9. (7) CD Chivas USA (11 pts.) – Hated to punish a team that didn’t play but sometimes that happens. They are still in need of some midfield help and I wonder exactly how that was addressed over the weekend.

10. (12) Chicago Fire (14 pts.) – I really question if a home win over a crappy Columbus team will be enough for the Fire and more importantly Dave Sarachan. However it will probably give him some peace of mind about his offense producing after it though. Big games with DC and Chivas coming up though. Can the offense continue?

11. (10) Columbus Crew (8 pt.) – Sinking faster and faster. Soon enough they will be at the bottom if they don’t find ways to win and score. Question, who gets fired first this summer, Sigi or Sarachan? Both are on hot seats and both have done very little to help their own cause. Thankfully for the Crew their next two are against teams that are losing a lot of talent to the Gold Cup in Houston and New England. They have to get four points at the very least I think to help Sigi out.

12. (11) LA Galaxy (6 pt.) – Injuries, players getting old, players getting called up for national teams, Beckham getting called up even though he hasn’t suited up. All are excuses given out by the Galaxy now. We talk a lot about Sarachan and Sigi being on the hot seats, what about Frank Yallop? Somehow this team continues to see him as its coach. This team needs a miracle to make the playoffs at this point I believe.

12. (13) Real Salt Lake (6 pt.) – Not exactly last anymore but not exactly winning yet either. Six draw and three wins are what RSL sits with. They lose nothing to the Gold Cup but does it really matter? Still, Jason Kries is installing a better attitude with this club and they aren’t losing anymore. They just need to learn to win though. They need to sign someone to control their midfield to help them out here in these summer months to remain competitive. You can’t get into the playoffs with 20 ties. You just can’t. Somewhere you have to win a game.