Gold Cup – The Good and the Bad for the MLS

Gold Cup – The Good and the Bad for the MLS

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 4, 2007

The Gold Cup is upon us and most teams and fans will have to get use to seeing some of their favorites out of action and in action with their respective national teams. I figure it is best to say that every club will be effected by the Gold Cup, even New York, DC, and Real Salt Lake who, actually, have no one leaving but I still think in some regards will be effected in some way by it.

These international competitions between countries are a good thing. Let’s just go ahead and put that out there encase someone was think else wise.

Now I don’t want to give any predictions for the Gold Cup but I think the US will win it if they get out of their group with a couple wins. Which, after this past weekend (sure it was China) I feel pretty good about their chances.

Like I said every team will be effect though and here is who will be missing who:

Chicago Fire: Justin Mapp (USA), Ivan Gurrero (HON)
Columbus: Frankie Hejduk (USA)
Chivas USA: Brad Guzan (USA), Jonathan Bornstein (USA),
Colorado Rapids: Pablo Mastroni (USA)
FC Dallas: Carlos Ruiz (GUT)
Houston: Dewayne De Rosario (CAN), Brain Ching (USA), Richardo Clark (USA)
KC Wizards: Eddie Johnson (USA)
LA Galaxy: Landon Donovan (USA), Kevin Hermse (CAN), Ante Jazic (CAN)
New England: Taylor Twellman (USA), Steve Ralston (USA), Michael Parkhurst (USA)
Toronto FC: Greg Sutton (CAN), Adam Braz (CAN), Chris Pozniak (CAN), Mark Reda (CAN)

Teams that will get hit the hardest:

1. New England – Lots of talent lost right there, more importantly lots of goals lost right there. No Ralston to set things up and no Twellman to head them home.
2. Kansas City – Losing a hot EJ will really hurt the Wizards. A lot more than people will think. If they find ways to win without him and score in bunches without him then maybe it is their year again for the Cup.

3. LA Galaxy – This could go both ways without Donovan though. But I think it will hurt more than anything since he is the only player on the Galaxy that knows how to score

Teams that it won’t matter and may possibly be a good thing:

1. FC Dallas – Yeah no Carlos Ruiz is one thing but if he ends up having a good Gold Cup then he will come back happy and really help out in the summer, but not having him there doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot really because the Hoops have been playing a lot without him lately anyways

2. Toronto – The break from Sutton and some of the defense is giving Mo Johnston a chance to try some new things out, they cannot get injured though because that would easily do more damage than anything else.

3. Colorado – I don’t think losing Pablo hurts the Rapids all that much, they will still play unattractive, boring soccer while Pablo is gone.

What are your thoughts on the Gold Cup coming up? Who will win and what not? Let me know…

  • J.D. Rollins

    I think Columbus will be okay. Losing Frankie sucks a little, but hey. Maybe we'll actually win one, eh? haha

  • J.D. Rollins

    I think Columbus will be okay. Losing Frankie sucks a little, but hey. Maybe we’ll actually win one, eh? haha