Sunday Thoughts and Weekend Recap

Sunday Thoughts and Weekend Recap

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 3, 2007

Columbus and Chicago are still in action as I am writing this but I am pretty sure that game won’t matter a whole lot.

I didn’t see any of Houston and Dallas due to the league letting Telefutra broadcast games and not put them online. I don’t mind the fact that they let them broadcast games but only certain markets have that channel. I don’t and so I complain.

Houston wins in the second half. From what things look like Houston finally outplayed and beat a team. Dallas was the perfect team for them to get a win against too. Would it have been different if DeRo  had been in the lineup? You bet your sweet face it would be. I actually agree to some people’s thoughts that Houston would play worse with him in the lineup today against Dallas.


Okay, I watched some more of the New York and KC game. Got some random thoughts from it.

~~ Eddie Johnson, please keep your shirt on when you score. Please. I could care less that you score but I don’t want to see that you are a grown-ass man.

~~ Boy, do you think New York’s defensive woes thanks to injuries hurt them yesterday? Yes. Van Den  Burgh got totally burned on that third goal by Johnson.  I expect once they get healthy that it won’t be like that again.


Also got to finish the US – China game, thanks to my DVR this morning. Solid game by the lads against the boys from the Far East. Good tune up match for next weeks Gold Cup. Four goals were all quite nice.

Thoughts on Chicago – Columbus:

~~ Comcast broadcast is rather boring itself. The two guys in the booth aren’t horrible but they are a bit corny with one another. And the sideline reporter is practically worthless in my mind. I don’t know what it is with these networks that use a sideline reporter for soccer. The only thing they need to report are injuries and the times that coaches change formations and such. I don’t need to know about random reunions with players and stuff like that. It doesn’t add much to the game for me.

~~ I love Bridgeview but it may have the worst sight lines in the league.

~~ Fire fans, I know your great. I do. But please get a little more creative with your chants. I love your passion but screaming “Fire, fire, fire” over and over again makes me want to mute the volume on my computer.

~~ Is it me or is the reffing this weekend pathetic?

~~ Schelotto may be one of the most fun players in the league to watch right now. He may be a bit old at 34, but he sure doesn’t play like that. Once he gets used to some of his teammates things will work out for the Crew.

~~ Wow, the Crew really suck at corner kicks. I mean they really suck at them. Haven’t scored on one since October of 2005. Wow.

~~ As I write this the Fire get a goal thanks to Jeff Curtin on a corner kick. Nice back-post goal too.

~~ Okay, the Crew level things up thanks to a sweet free kick from  Schelotto to some guy that I have never heard of. Nice header nonetheless. Good to see each team getting on the board here.

More to come….add your own if you want….