MLS Weekend Preview

MLS Weekend Preview

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 1, 2007

No prime-time game this week has left us to wait until the weekend for a MLS fix. Can’t say I was overly upset with the lack of game during the midweek this week. I think some teams, well most of the team, needed a extra day or two.

Saturday looks like a lot of fun, while Sunday could be a yawner. Chivas gets the day off in the league but for some reason will travel to the great Northwest to play the USL-1’s Seattle Sounders with half of their team gone to National team duty. Real smart planning on someone’s part.

Saturday’s games:

Colorado Rapids at Toronto FC: As I have stated before this week, I think this is a big test for the Rapids. Sure the Reds aren’t the league’s best team but I do think a win up north will do wonders for a team like the Rapids. It will show people that they can win anywhere, even if it is ugly.

I do expect more ugly style of play from the Rapids but I don’t think the Toronto crowd will put up with much of it. This one will be a real battle. I really believe it will come down to who can score. Colorado finds the most boring ways to score sometimes by putting the other team to sleep for 70 or 80 minutes and then scoring on a usual cross from  Terry Cooke. Toronto on the other hand is the most scrappy team in the league.

I think a draw will be in order for this game. Its the only thing that makes real sense to me when I see these two teams matched up with one another. A win for the Reds and it will keep them in real contention in the east. A win for the Rapids will probably give them the western lead for the weekend.

WVH Prediction: Colorado 2, Toronto 2

Real Salt Lake at New England Revolution: Yeah, RSL has had success against the Revs in recent games at Foxboro, but I don’t see it this time around. Weird to think that RSL only has three losses this season. Yeah, five of the games were draws. This one won’t be a draw though.

I think the Revs will find ways to score and beat down a RSL team in the midfield. Remember, its not always the defenses fault, the midfield cannot posses the ball enough to give their defense a break. New England is too good in the midfield and it will show against a weak RSL midfield.

WVH Prediction: New England 2, RSL 0

Red Bull New York at Kansas City Wizards: Big game this weekend in the midwest. Both teams are hot. For me, I still want to see more out of the Wizards. I am sold on the Red Bulls but I want to be sold on the Wizards to claim them as a full contender.

Eddie Johnson has to have a good game. None of this score a hat trick one game and then hide for three straight games. That kind of thing just won’t cut it. New York is too good of a team defensively to put up with Johnson I think as well.

Juan Pablo Angel will find a way to score against the Wizards.

A draw works in the Red Bulls hands while it would do a whole lot for the Wizards unless it was a scoreless draw. I don’t see that happening. I am taking the Red Bulls to win on the road in a big time statement game.

WVH Prediction: RBNY 2, KC 1

DC United at LA Galaxy: Let’s just go a head and say it. LA has to win this game. They just have to or else their season will pretty much be done with. I love the assessment given by MLSnet’s Extratime show gave about Landon Donovan. I believe Shep said that Donovan is a great player but isn’t a good enough player to make those around him better. Point blank you are seeing that with the Galaxy right now. They aren’t getting better with what they have right now.

I think DC is coming in with a lot of momentum on their shoulders. Christian Gomez is playing like the MVP that we expect him to be.

International callups for the Galaxy will hurt their defense. DC won’t have a problem finding a way to score either.

I do hope to see more of Emilio for DC though. He hasn’t been the spark-plug that the United were expecting him to be this season. Only a couple goals to his name. It shouldn’t really matter though with the way the Galaxy are playing.

WVH Prediction: DC 2, LA 0

Sunday’s Games:

FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo: Very interesting match. I really truly don’t know which way this one will go. With De Rosario in the line-up I would easily have swung Houston’s way with this one even with the recent results. I just would have. But, with the call-ups going slightly against Houston’s way I think this one may turn out to be a draw.

Dallas just need to continue a decent pace right now. A win would be great but at the same time I think a draw works just as well. I know its a sad old adage about “win at home and look for the draw on the road,” believe me I know.

But looking at this matchup that is all I see right now, a draw. Neither club will be at full form in my mind. Sure it is a rivalry game but that doesn’t mean a whole lot in my mind yet with these two clubs. Colorado and Dallas is more of a rivalry than Houston and Dallas. It just is.

A draw is where I stand right now with these two.

WVH Prediction: Dallas 2, Houston 2

Columbus Crew at Chicago Fire:  I have to say, this may be worse looking than RSL-Chicago from last week. And honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it turned out the same way as that game.

Its a new month for the Fire and they are hoping to rid themselves of their funk and Columbus is the perfect team to do that against, however, I just don’t see that playing out. I do expect goals in this one because of the two defenses that are playing but I don’t see a clear winner just yet here.

Sunday may prove to be the most boring day of the season so far for the league after two draws. I hope I am wrong though.

WVH Prediction: Columbus 1, Chicago 1