Vegas Placing Bets On Expansion Club

Vegas Placing Bets On Expansion Club

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 31, 2007

I didn’t really think that the Las Vegas expansion idea was a real one but it appears that it is a very serious one now. The Las Vegas Sports and Entertainment Group is ready to place a $35 million expansion fee to the league’s offices and get the okay to start building a club in the Valley.

Mark Noorzai, the sports group’s president, said he sent a letter of intent to MLS headquarters two weeks ago. He requested a response by today.

The league isn’t prepared to respond that quickly though. For good reason too. We should all remember the San Antonio deal that feel through a couple years ago.

Now I don’t think this deal will turn out anywhere like the San Antonio deal. For one they are expecting to build a stadium and field, where in San Antonio they weren’t really discussing the full details of a soccer only stadium. Las Vegas wants a $500 retractable-roof stadium with a hotel and casino attached to it, along with various amounts of soccer field with it on 200 acres of land.

Noorzai acknowledged that the deadline is soft and he won’t be dismayed if he doesn’t hear from MLS by today, Friday or early next week.

Is this a good fit for the league. I don’t think the gambling issue is anything to worry about but is Vegas a market that they league needs to take a gamble on? No other professional league is in the Vegas area and the MLS would be it’s first. Could be a good fit on that notion.

What are your thoughts on Las Vegas FC? If things go to their plan, they could be playing by possibly 2009 and at the latest 2010, when the league is expected to be at 16 teams.