A Weekend That Was…

A Weekend That Was…

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 27, 2007

Sorry for a delay in posting today, I was on the road traveling my way back into town after a wedding in my hometown on  Saturday. All is well however, I got to see just about every game this weekend except for the one today, which wasn’t much of a game apparently.

I jotted down some notes about each game and I will start with the most cracking of them all…

KC 4 – 3 NE – Okay, I will admit, I am and have been very harsh on those Wizards this season. I did say though that my mind would change with a win over a good team. New England is a good team and winning in New England didn’t come easy for the Wizards yesterday.

Also, welcome back (at least for this weekend) Eddie Johnson. Just when everyone was ready to give the player of the week award to Juan Pablo Angel again, Mr. Grown-Ass Man steps up and knocks in a hat trip on the Revs. Very savvy play Mr. Johnson. I had been calling for his number for a few weeks now and he answered. All I ask in return is a bit more consistency on his part now. He cannot disappear for a few games in row like he had been doing as of late. The Wizards need him to be at his form like he was on Saturday every time he is there. I know that sound a bit fake but it is very true, point being, the Wizards are not a contender unless Eddie Johnson says so. Yesterday, he said so.

As for the Revs, it was a tough pill to swallow. Let’s face it, all good runs do end at some point and maybe this was theirs. Thankfully for the Revs they host Real Salt Lake next week. Should…and I mean should be a win. Should.

Toronto FC 2 – 2 Columbus Crew – Interesting contest really. I called for a draw and it came to me in a form a little greater than my 1-1 prediction.

Flat out the Crew look like a complete team with Andy Herron in the lineup and playing at his full potential. When he is not things tend to fall apart. You saw just that against Toronto who didn’t see to find their way on the road. A draw is one thing but three points always cures road worries.

Also, the goal by Jim Brennan was probably my goal of the week. More so than Juan Pablo Angel’s touch of class on Thursday night.

Toronto will return home next week while the Crew travel to the Windy City. Damn, talk about another game between two clubs that need three points there. Chicago has been hurting just as bad as the Crew have been.

DC 2 – 1 Houston – Wow, called it liked I saw it. Always a sense of luck when I get a score absolutely correct like this one. I don’t mean to brag but its true.

Wow, I want to say this, the Black-And-Red have the best fans in the league. As if we already didn’t know that. I loved the crowd at RFK yesterday. Very loud and very passionate. Toronto fans are up there as the top crowds with DC, however, the United’s fans are just a notch above the rest. Go figure right?

Houston looked alright at times in this game. Glad to see DeRo come alive in this one. Tough break missing the PK though. A striker will tell you a hundred times about a post that dooms him. Thankfully for the Dynamo it didn’t get DeRo down for long as he blasted away another chance. The ending of the match was a little slow. Houston tried but DC was just too good.

Don’t look now but the United are making a mark in the eastern standings. The 10 point hole is slowly getting lower. It is now at seven. A bit far still but the top of the mountain is in sight again.

Colorado 1 – 0 LA – Wow, I went two games in a row predicting the correct scoreline. Wow. I will take this moment for myself. Okay…I am done.

Let’s just say the Galaxy were never in this one. Okay? Even before the red card to Martino, the Galaxy were a bit lazy on the pitch. Colorado had some chances and didn’t take it but finally came through.

I think I also said something about Herculez Gomez making his mark on this game……..okay I am done with basking in my own glory for once.

Colorado keeps pace with Dallas while LA is slowly creeping down to the bottom. Don’t look now though, they are tied with RSL for last place…in the entire league!

Chivas 2 – 0 FC Dallas – This one was a tail of two halves. Dallas controlled the first half, had some chances (though Chivas had the scarier of chances) and almost pulled ahead. But in the second half it was Chivas pulling through and getting an early (and a late) goal to win the game.

Dallas looked like a MLS Cup contender at times but then also looked like a total pretender for the rest of the part.

To say the Hoops needed Carlos Ruiz would be an understatement. I know he was out with a suspension due to yellow cards but the fact remained, the Hoops needed him badly out there. No one was able to get a quality touch to finish a chance last night. Chivas took their chances and made the most of them.

I think the Goats will be creeping back up some power rankings for most people soon too. They are gaining the identity that alluded them once Guevara took off. That is a dangerous thing folks. I also think that Maykel Galindo could win the Golden Boot this year. He is that dangerous of a striker. He is two back of Taylor Twellman right now.

Chivas get next week off which may hurt them while Dallas will have to sort things out and travel to Houston.

Chicago 0 – 0 RSL – Again, didn’t see this game and didn’t miss much. I called for a draw and got it…I just figured there would be goals in it.

Both teams are hurting and are still in hurt. Chicago is winless in their last five while the Royals haven’t won at all this season.

I will say this about this past weekend. It started off with a bang and ended with a thud.