ClashQuakes In 2008 Getting Closer

ClashQuakes In 2008 Getting Closer

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 25, 2007

The unbalanced schedule in the MLS may only be a one year thing. Lee Wolfe, the owner to the rights of the San Jose Earthquakes is wanting to put a team on the field next year despite not having a soccer stadium in place. Wolfe says that it will be easier to get a stadium with a team already in place.


Wolff and MLS are in negotiations to revive the Earthquakes franchise to begin play in 2008. The agreement could be reached even without a soccer-specific stadium, a source with knowledge of the deal has confirmed to

No agreement has been signed as of yet, but Wolff met with MLS Commissioner Don Garber in New York last week, and the source confirmed that both sides are eager to move forward. The league is eager to add a 14th team so it can get rid of the unbalanced schedule that is currently in place. Wolff is hoping that by having a team up and running, it will be easier to get a soccer-specific stadium built in the Bay Area.

Other various media outlets have picked up on the story as well.

Either way, it looks more and more like a team will be in place next season in the Bay Area. Wolfe is very aggressive in getting this team back in place. I have to say its a great thing for the league to get this club back in place.

More on this to come…