Games On The Menu Tonight

Games On The Menu Tonight

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 23, 2007

I am not usually one for predicting US Open Cup games or friendlies between clubs during the season. I won’t give predictions because they will be basically meaningless but the games are at least worth a mention.

My only concern with the two friendlies are the level of play that the foreign club will bring. Remember those clubs over there are now out of season. So it makes you wonder what amount of talent that they will bring over and what level will they try and play at. Its a worry, not a big worry but hopefully they will be entertaining contests.

US Open Cup – MLS qualifier match tonight:
Colorado v Salt Lake – I am already tired of seeing these two clubs square off. I really am against how clubs “qualify” for the US Open Cup, that is another article for another day. RSL needs this game more than the Rapids do.
But there are two friendlies that are very worth talking about tonight:

LA Galaxy host Rangers FC. – One of the many big names that the Galaxy will face this season, this one however is pre-Beckham. I think they will fare alright. The Galaxy need games to continue to gel as a squad so this should help. Plus any positives they can take from this game, especially a win would do wonders for them at this point I believe.
Toronto FC host Benfica – One of two big named clubs (Aston Villa being the other) coming over the pond to Canada to face the Reds this summer. TFC has players who know the Euro style of play so it should be a good contest. This is one of the friendlies this year that I was really excited by when I heard it announced. I would love to see more Portuguese clubs come over for friendlies.

If anyone will be attending those games and would like to report on it just let me know and I will gladly post your game report of these friendlies tonight.