Break Down Of TFC – RSL Trade

Break Down Of TFC – RSL Trade

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 23, 2007

I have to say yesterday was one of the more interesting days for me and this blog. It all started with emails that there was some trade talk and rumors that were fun to talk about. I figured it would be left at that, just rumors and talk. But hours later more emails and posts on other blogs let me know that it was more than rumors, that it was all coming together in a trade.

Originally the rumor was a three way type of deal that would allow the LA Galaxy to land Jeff Cunningham from RSL and RSL to land Eskandarian from TFC. The Reds would then probably get some draft picks and allocation from the two sides.

However, that all changed as LA was never apart of the equation and it was all just between Toronto and Salt Lake.

Toronto is becoming smarter with their deals. A couple months ago I was hard on them for trading away picks in next year’s draft but now thanks to this deal and a couple others that they have made in the course of this season, they will have four first round picks next season. Yes, four. Trades with Houston, DC and Chivas are the reason behind the four picks now.

Either Toronto is hold those picks for bait (which is very likely) or they are going to go in a youthful direction next year to go along with what youth they already have.

As for my take on this trade. Its one that Mo Johnston has been wanting. He has had his eye on Cunningham ever since he became the head coach of TFC. In his words, to get a player like a Cunningham you have to give up talent and Esky was that talent. I know it will be disappointing for Alecko to leave a place where he was settling in and getting very comfortable but he will do fine in Salt Lake. He brings a nice knowledge of what it takes to win a title (something that not many in RSL land know about).

Toronto gets a very exciting player in Cunningham. Pairing him with Dichio sure sounds great but I wonder how long it will take for their styles to come together in a positive manner. I think for Cunningham a chance is welcome at this point. After the first couple games this season, he has dropped off the stat sheets and you had to believe something was up when he didn’t play a full 90 last weekend in Dallas.

Down the road we will really know if this was a good deal for either team. At the time, on paper, I can’t honestly say one team got the better end of the deal.